Neosho City manager Leland Butcher announced earlier this week that Paul Richardson, former Public Relations Director and Events Coordinator, is no longer employed with the city.

"I want to thank him for his service to the city," Butcher said following the announcement. "It was just time to move on."

For the present, the position won't be filled but will the duties will be a joint effort between Butcher, City Clerk Rachel Holcomb and Sally Pennington, Parks and Recreation Director.

Events, beginning with the annual Bluegrass Showcase scheduled for Saturday, February 23 at the Civic in downtown Neosho, will continue.

"The show is going on," Butcher said. He also indicated that other popular events include Celebrate Neosho and the Neosho Fall Festival will remain local traditions.

The long-time City View column that appears in the Neosho Daily News each Friday will be on a brief hiatus. Butcher and Holcomb will alternating writing the column.

"The focus will be on city issues," Butcher said. "We want to continue the tradition."

The column has long been utilized to keep citizens up to date about what's happening in their city. In the past, several mayors penned the column. Since mid 2017, Richardson had written it.

There are no immediate plans to fill Richardson's position in the near future, probably not until fiscal year 2020 begins next fall.

"The city's been undergoing organizational changes," Butcher said. "It's growing pains."

The Neosho Daily News and the City of Neosho plan to present spotlights on various city employees in upcoming editions.

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