In a long-standing tradition that dates back to the NHS Class of 1956, graduating seniors gathered on Hill Street to paint the hill, a graduation rite of passage.

The event was postponed by a day due to wet weather but despite gray skies and cool temperatures, the Class of 2019 turned out to leave their mark on the hill.

Each student had a section of Hill Street to use as a canvas for their artwork. Styles and colors were as unique as the students although black and gold and white - the school colors - were in evidence.

Designs were pre-approved by school officials prior to the event.

For the first time, students were treated to a meal after they finished with the artwork, a cook-out prepared by OPAA!, the food service company that provides meals to the Neosho School District.

Parents, grandparents, and a few siblings watched from the sidelines as the kids got creative.

Although students engaged in some high spirited fun and a little horseplay, they took care to keep any stray paint away from the guests and school staff members.

Many of the family members who were on scene remembered when they painted the hill.

Hill Street will remain closed to traffic for several days to allow the paint time to dry and the curious to admire this year's work.

And next year, the Class of 2020 will continue the tradition.