Once again, the Jefferson Street Campus Gardeners are at work. They have not only planted and are tending a garden of their own but they're helping neighbors at the Greystone Apartments. The gardeners along with FACS have been trimming weeds and hedges, weeding flower beds and spreading mulch for residents of the Greystone. Students are eager to get out to work and their gardens reflect their efforts.

The Jefferson Street Campus Gardens were started in February of 2013 and have been a soaring success ever since. Mr. Sheffield is the garden coordinator and does a great job working with students to plan and maintain them. He also works with the Jefferson Street Campus staff to incorporate the gardens into activities across the curriculum. Grant funding for the project has come from 4-H, the Neosho Charitable Foundation, the Darden Restaurant Family, the United States Center for Disease Control, and a number of individual community supporters. JSC has partnered with the Newton County Master Gardeners, Crowder College, University of Missouri Extension, and 4-H for soil testing, seed and plant donation, materials, and specialized instruction. JSC students visit with senior citizens at neighboring Greystone Place about which fruits, flowers, and vegetables they would like to see in the campus gardens, plant those crops with personalized signs, and deliver produce. Students also take fresh vegetables home to share with their families, and produce is utilized in monthly Club 115 dinners and Mr. Sheffield's FACS classes. To keep with the Jefferson Street Campus Gardeners, visit their Facebook page!