Officers at the Neosho Police Department are now equipped with 27 new Black Rain short barreled 9 mm duty rifles thanks to the generosity of Black Rain Ordnance. The rifles were presented to the department on Friday at the Black Rain showroom north of Neosho.

"We'd like to take this time to thank the Neosho Police Department," Justin Harvel, president and co-founder of Black Rain said. "Today is the big event for the Neosho community and it's a big day for Black Rain Ordnance. We're celebrating our 10th anniversary (this year) and we're showing support to the local community and vice versa. The 27 weapons we are presenting to the Neosho Police Department today are the result of working together with a partial donation, partial payment to the City of Neosho. We appreciate that."

Each of the 27 rifles was presented with a carry bag as well as 3 Glock large capacity magazines.

A number of local and area law enforcement officers were on hand for the event.

Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy provided background on how the joint endeavor came about.

"I'd like to take the time to give a rerun of how this all happened," Kennedy said. "All the Neosho officers did not have any type of long rifle when they reported for duty. Most of the guys had their own weapon that they had purchased. The department was very limited on what we actually owned. We had 11 M16 rifles donated to the police department last November. Officers Mike Sharp and Brandon Beshears started going out to area businesses to see what the cost would be to bring those weapons up to where we could actually use them. When they came out to Black Rain, Black Rain made the offer that with the funds were were going to use to bring those 11 rifles up to where they could be used, they would just take that amount and donate the remaining cost. I can tell you that the donation part of this far exceeds the amount being paid by the city."

The Neosho City Council approved $5,000 to be used originally for the refurbishment of the M16 rifles and Kennedy presented a check in that amount to Harvel.

"I'm very appreciative of this," Kennedy said. "The City of Neosho, these guys have been phenomenal to work with and I want to thank them for that."

Kennedy also presented a proclamation from the Missouri State House of Representatives and local representative Ben Baker. Baker was unable to be present since the Legislature remained in session on Friday.

Neosho Mayor William Doubek also presented Harvel with a proclamation from the City.

"The City of Neosho would also like to thank you and all of Black Rain for what they have done. The city would like to recognize Black Rain as a valued asset to the community of Neosho. Thank you for being part of our city."

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. is a precision premium firearm manufacturer, specializing in modern sporting rifle designs.

Black Rain Ordnance is located at 11633 Iris Road, Neosho.