A familiar building, most often known as The Sterling Building, located on the corner of Main and Wood Streets on the Neosho Square has stood for more than 130 years, changing with the times and the community.

Many local residents will remember it as Sterling's, a five and dime store that operated from around 1930 until 1982. Sterling's offered a variety of merchandise ranging from basic notions, stationary goods, household items, toys, some clothing to hardware.

Both before and after the Sterling's era, it served as a variety store. The last was Pick and Save Variety Store, which closed in the early 2000's. During the last of the Pick and Save years, an antique flea market was in operation on the upper floor.

Today, the structure is home to several local businesses after an extensive renovation.

The original structure was completed in August, 1884 and replaced a single story frame building on the same site. John C. Hermes owned both and rebuilt after a fire. He operated a furniture store and funeral parlor, a common business combination in that earlier time.

Although the purpose and the name of the building has changed over the years, the building remains in place and is relevant to downtown Neosho in the 21st century.