At the current time the Newton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that occurred on Sunday 06-23-19 in the Stella area. At approximately 1630 hours Deputies responded to 19898 Terrier Road in Stella. The investigation is still underway but at this time it appears that a 27 year old W/M went to that location demanding to get a small child that he is the father of. Apparently there are unresolved custody issues over the child. The situation escalated with the 27 year old making threats. Gunshots were exchanged between the 27 year old and Joshua Roller, a 34 year old W/M that lives at this address. Joshua Roller received wounds from a handgun to his lower extremities. He was transported to Freeman Hospital. The 27 year old suffered wounds from a shotgun in his upper torso. He was transported to Mercy Hospital.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office will be requesting charges from the Prosecutors Office against the 27 year old for 1st degree assault, armed criminal action and child endangerment. The investigation continues at this time.