Meeting in special session on Thursday evening, Mayor Doubek made a motion to accept Leland Butcher’s letter of resignation.

“Sadly, our first order of business is the letter of resignation from our city manager,” Doubek said.

The Neosho City Council voted unanimously to accept Butcher’s letter of resignation. Butcher appeared briefly at the meeting and remained silent while the vote was taken.

After approving his resignation, Neosho Mayor William Doubek told the council they must determine when he would be relieved of his duties. In the letter, Butcher offered to give two months notice.

“The next thing we need to discuss is when we’re going to let him go. In the letter he said he would give two months notice. I would entertain a motion on what we should do from here, whether we should accept it as effective now or hold his toes to the fire for two months,” Doubek said.

Councilman and mayor pro tem Carmin Allen made a motion to release Butcher. Council woman Angela Thomas seconded the motion.

“I’m going to recommend we release him today and pay him for the two months,” Allen said.

The motion was approved by the council.

Butcher exited the meeting at that point, pausing for a farewell hug with the mayor and for handshakes with Council members Jon Stephens and Tom Workman.

Butcher, who became city manager on September 24, 2018, made no statement and no reason for his resignation was announced.

In a previous statement from Scott Hall, City Public Relations Director and Events Coordinator, indicated that once the council accepted Butcher’s letter then members would seek a new city manager. In the interim, it's likely that Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy will serve as city manager..

The council next meets in regular session next week, on Tuesday, July 16 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.