When Ed and Vera Cornell planted their garden this year, they expected to grow some cucumbers along with tomatoes. Each year, Vera makes sweet pickles from the cucumbers but this year, the vines didn't seem to do as well between the heavy rains and heat.

When Meals on Wheels delivered, the driver noticed that there was a large - make that very large - cantaloupe on the vine. She told the Cornells and picked it.

That cantaloupe would be worthy of a blue ribbon at any county fair. It weighs in a 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Others remain on the vine although none are quite as large, at least not yet.

"It's big as a watermelon," Vera Cornell said. "I've never seen one as big - not even in Texas."

The Cornells recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and have lived in the same location on the edge of Neosho for 62 years.

"When we moved here, this was a strawberry patch," Vera said. She indicated the tall trees and well-maintained lawn. "Things grow a lot in 62 years."

In addition to the record size cantaloupes, the Cornells are enjoying a good tomato crop.

"Nothing tastes better than a homegrown tomato," Vera said.

And sometimes, what's expected to be cucumbers turns out to be cantaloupe!