Back to school is a great time to get those things you have put off because of focusing on family during the summer caught up.  Here are some hot spots you may not have focused on.

Did you have a trust or will that needed to be done?? Any major life changes?? New child? Marriage??? Promotion or salary increase??

These are triggers to evaluate your savings, checking accounts, anything you own to make sure all go to where you want without a judge deciding for you.  Most everything above can be simply transfer on death or deeded over with simple death certificate.  If you have over 100k in assets, I always suggest looking at a trust especially if you have very specific desires of how your assets are split. 

I am also guessing you forgot about retirement or savings planning in that time. Another great time to sit and have how your summer affected those numbers.  If you are just planning with a dart, expect never to hit a bullseye.  Sitting with a financial advisor and an accountant if they are worth anything never costs you to consult and see where you are at.  So why wait????

We all for the most part get busier in the summers with our family and friends.  Not a crime.  But if you never refocus, you may also never retire as you hope you will.......

---Robert DeVore is a personal financial advisor for Grey Oak Investments LLC in Neosho and writes a financial advice column for The Neosho Daily News.