August 1969 was a time of the Woodstock music festival that defined the 1960’s.  At the same time an event occurred in Neosho that would have a lasting impact on lives for the next 50 years.  

On August 11, 1969 Crowder Area Sheltered Workshop opened its doors for the first time.  A vision to provide jobs for disabled citizens in Newton County became a reality and lives have been impacted now for five decades.

In those years hundreds of people have walked through the doors of Crowder Industries to work at meaningful jobs that not only improved the workers but also many local companies.

In the early years Crowder Industries provided services to what was once called Buddy L which later became Sunbeam Leisure Products.  And now, Crowder partners with local companies La-Z-Boy, K and S Wire, Newell Brands, Roxell Industries and many more.

Currently Crowder Industries has an employment of 110, most of whom have some form of a disability.  Working along beside these employees are others who provide vital support in the production process and help make Crowder Industries successful.

From assembly to packaging services and cardboard production, Crowder Industries is going strong in the Neosho area.  Our motto is “our people make the difference” and that is as true today as it was 50 years ago.  

Because of the support of local industries, the citizens of Newton County and especially our hard-working employees, Crowder Industries has been successful in our mission of providing meaningful jobs to the disabled employees of the area.  And with that support, we look forward to another 50 years and more of meeting this vital mission.

A recognition ceremony for employees and invited guests will be held on Tuesday, September 17th to honor this special occasion. Crowder Industries extends a thank you to everyone who has had a part in making a vision become a reality.