Genealogy Friends of the Library GFOL) will be part of the annual History Alley event at the Newton County Historical Museum on Saturday during the Neosho Fall Festival.

Their fundraising event at History Alley will be a pioneer themed “photo booth.” Members are

sewing and gathering pioneer and western costumes and props for all ages. Participants may use

their own cameras or phones to take pictures. There will be a small fee for costume use. The

“booth” (which will hopefully be a wagon) will be located next to the pavilion on the northeast end of the Museum grounds.

Genealogy Friends of the Library (GFOL) will not offer Kindred Connections on Saturday,

October 5th . Normally held on the first Saturday of each month at the Neosho Newton County

Library (NNCL), it will be postponed to the second Saturday, October 12th . This will allow

GFOL members to participate in History Alley at the Neosho Fall Festival on the 1 st Saturday.

Kindred Connections is designed to assist people with finding their ancestors by learning

research and documentation methods. Staff and volunteers will help patrons use on-line

resources such as Heritage Quest, Family Tree and and explore the extensive

collection of materials in the Genealogy Department at NNCL.

GFOL raises about $2,000 each year for Library Edition which allows library card

holders to have access to the database at no cost to them. Two computers are dedicated to

genealogical research; the time limit is two hours. Laptops are available or researchers can bring

their own devices. Users learn to save documentation by e-mailing it or printing it at the library.

Printed forms are available to make family trees and record documentation.