In 2008, Dr. Jimmie L. Douglass became part of the Neosho community when he opened his chiropractic practice. Eleven years later, Douglass Chiropractic LLC has been recognized as the October Business of Month.

Nominations are made by patrons to the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce and each month, one nominated business is selected.

"They (the nominating individual) raved about they always feel so good when they leave here," Ashley Siler, Director of Communication and Membership Development for the Chamber, said. "They shared how good you treat the patient themselves, not just the symptoms."

"Treat people kind" has been Dr. Douglass' philosophy since day one.

Douglass Chiropractic offers a variety of adjustment techniques including diversified manual adjustment, activator protocol and innovative impulse technology.

"We do chiropractic but we try to have more of a family environment," Douglass said. "Every now and then we do a little bit of counseling - sometimes we end up talking, to find out what's going on with someone."

Douglass grew up in Houston, Texas but moved to Searcy, Arkansas when he was 16. He graduated from high school and college there. He earned a Bachelor's degree in health care management.

He applied to medical school and was accepted but then things changed.

Douglass had also applied to chiropractic school and was also accepted so he had a career decision to make. A friend suggested he pray for open doors and he did.

The Arkansas Board of Higher Education offered him $25,000 to attend chiropractic school and Douglass also learned he qualified for some scholarships.

He began his studies at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and graduated in 2008.

The late Dr. Larry Talley contacted the college in search of an assistant and found Douglass, who agreed to come to the small town of Neosho.

"I was still a student," Douglass recalled. "I was an intern."

A month after Douglass began shadowing Dr. Talley, who practiced as a chiropractor in Neosho for 54 years, Talley, who was terminally ill, retired. He died a short time later.

After graduating, Douglass bought Talley's practice and opened Douglass Chiropractic LLC.

Since then, he's become what John Ball, member of the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce Business Appreciation Committee, called a pillar of the community. Ball recognized Douglass on Wednesday as the October Business of the Month.

Neosho Mayor Dr. William Doubek also presented Douglass with a proclamation, which he read. It said, in part, that Douglass Chiropractic LLC has provided quality service in the community since 2008 and that they continued to be a valued asset in the community of Neosho.

"We wish to recognize them for their commitment to quality and their involvement in the community. Thank you for being a part of our city," Doubek said.

Douglass and his wife, Stevie, have one child, Jimmie. They are also expecting another addition to the family. He relies on his staff to help keep the practice going forward.

"They keep me running, they keep me on schedule, they keep me sane so when I go home, I'm a nice person," Douglass said, about his employees.

A number of local residents turned to celebrate Douglass' recognition.

As for Douglass, he knows made that he made the right career choice and that he's in the right place.

"God led me here," he said.

Douglass Chiropractic LLC is located at 317 South Wood Street in Neosho. For an appointment or more information phone 417-451-1545.