Melody and I love to travel, see other places and meet new people. We prioritize our spending so we can afford to take these trips. I sure don’t begrudge people who drive newer cars or live in better houses, but for us traveling is where we choose to spend our money.

And, we have been fortunate to see a lot of this country and even a few other countries. Of course, our most frequent trips is to Houston and MD Anderson (more on that later). We both know people who have not travelled farther than a couple hundred miles in theirs lives and they are more than happy to be a homebody.

Even though we have been to a lot of places, I won’t even begin to think that I can actually fathom what it means to live in a huge city on a regular basis (other than to know I don’t want to). I have been to Africa on a mission trip and have witnessed firsthand how they live but I did so through the lens of a visitor – not as a resident.

By the same token, someone from the huge megalopolis of the eastern seaboard or the land of fruit and nuts called California, cannot really know what it is like to live in rural America. But, while I don’t try to tell them how they should live, far too many of the liberal elitists from those areas seem to think they know how the rest of us should live and want to dictate it to us.

I am getting quite fed up with the rhetoric coming out of Washington, DC from those elitists who have no understanding of how their “enlightened” ideas could impact the rest of us. A good number of them don’t even know how to drive and don’t have a clue where the food they get at the local grocery store even comes from.

They think we can jump on public transportation and get where we need to get to. And they sure don’t know what it means to work from daylight to dusk on a farm just to make ends meet – just so everyone else can eat.

Last week I wrote about hypocrisy. Well, those that want to tell us that we won’t be able to drive cars or raise cattle don’t seem to have a problem flying around the country in airplanes while eating steaks to tell us how we should be more environmentally responsible. Guess the rules don’t apply to them. Maybe they don’t know the definition of hypocrisy.

Enough from the soapbox and a short report on our 24th trip to Houston. Overall the radiation seemed to work as all the little buggers were either stable or decreasing in size (with two small exceptions).

A couple of lesions “might” have grown “slightly”. The doctor couldn’t really tell and didn’t appear to be overly concerned so said come back in 3 months and we will scan again. Thank you as always for your prayers.

-Retired Missouri State Representative Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column, Standing In The Gap, for The Neosho Daily News.