On Friday, Terry Gibson, representing The Guardian Brotherhood, made a donation to the Neosho Police Department and the Neosho Fire Department in the form of Minions. The small yellow figures are popular, especially with kids. So, The Guardian Brotherhood decided to donate some of the toys to be given out to children.

"We pass them out at everything," Terry Gibson, The Guardian Brotherhood said. "We have so many so I thought it would be nice to hare with the police and fire departments. They go on emergencies where kids are involved, crashes, fires, domestic scenes and I thought it would be something they could give to the kids that might make them smile a little, give them a little comfort."

On the same day, Gibson also visited Central Elementary School in Neosho where he donated the same Minions to all of the kindergarten classes. Gibson has a grandson in that grade at the school.

The Guardians Brotherhood is a veteran established organization with a strong desire to continue to serve their communities and honor veterans as well as their families. The majority of their volunteers are military veterans who want to continue to serve and use their experience in military service to help in their communities.

In disasters, they provide on-site cooked meals for first responders, volunteers and those affected by the disaster. Guardians Brotherhood believes in the utmost importance of providing much needed meals and food to those less fortunate, and we strive to feed anyone we can through our Hunger Reduction Program. They cook hot meals on-the-spot and feed up to 1200 people at a time with a nutritious full meal. In addition, they provide assistance to those seeking benefits of education, or those that need grants. They also strive to fill the gap between completing the technical education and gaining verifiable work experience necessary to pursue their career.