Changes come with the arrival of each new season, but for some reason the fall season seems to hold more for me than any other. Since my early years it has been the indicator of the beginning of school and later on college. The leaves begin to change, and trees grow barren. The temperature begins to fall, and I can migrate from sleeping on top of the covers, now being able to abide in the shelter under the weight and comfort of a sheet and quilt. This is the season of parades, homecoming parades, veteran’s day parades, maple leaf parades, Thanksgiving Day parades, Christmas parades and the list goes on. This season is the entry way to parties and gatherings the accompany the many holidays. There will be family gatherings, church gatherings, workplace gatherings, all on top of the weekly or more frequent tailgate parties that occur at every level of football play from the peewee to the pros. This continues well into the winter months, but I guess that those of us that live above a certain latitude line need some way to beat the cabin fever that would sit in otherwise.

But it still seems like that the autumn season is the season for change. I know that spring offers it changes as well as do the other seasons, but autumn seems to hold an abundance of change. Our most important elections occur in the autumn. That thought just came to me but is another example of change. Unfortunately, we are already being inundated with the political process. It makes me have a greater appreciation for public television and other obscure channels that I don’t normally frequent. These serve as an oasis of escape from the barrage of opinions and comments that become so repetitive.

By the time you read this article, our first family gathering will be either have taken place, depending on the publication, or will be a happening within a couple of days. Let the games begin.

The change that I welcome most of all is the decrease in the ambient temperature. Due to the efforts of my dear mother and the good wife, I am well insulated. Some find it hard to believe that from my high school days until well into my forties that I ranged from a mere 185 to around 220 depending on the time of year. Well, accept it folks, I fleshed out. I know that I need to go the other way, but age, time and some unexpected health issues over the years have added new dimensions to this entire process. That is the facts.

In spite of the complications of the new dimensions, this is going to become my season of change. I know what I need to do, so let’s just do it! I’m not going to make any resolutions or superficial statements of commitment. My diet is fine, all I need to do is get busy! I’ll be checking back with you.

-Paul Richardson is the proprietor of In Sane Marketing. He writes a weekly column, The Horse I Rode In On for The Aurora Advertiser.