Voter turnouts for the November 5 Special Election was light but the unofficial totals are in.

In Neosho, voters approved Proposition 1, which requires anyone holding the office of Neosho City Manager to have a Neosho address and live no more than thirty minutes from City Hall.

565 (82.29 %) voted yes and 122 (17.76%) voted no so the proposition passed.

A proposed use tax measure that would have added a 2.5% on purchases from out of state vendors including online retailers failed by 8 votes with 348 voters casting a no ballot and 340 voting yes.

The no votes totaled a 50.50% total and won over the yes votes with 49.42%.

In Granby, voters approved a sewage system bond with 146 residents casting a yes vote and 96 voting against.

In Stark City, voters unanimously approved a half cent sales tax measure with a total of 18 votes, representing all 18 voters who came to the polls.

In Joplin, Proposition B passed with a 78.67% majority with 590 yes votes and 21.33% votes or 166 no votes.