"Bringing Hollywood To Your Hometown"

That's the slogan used by B & B Theatres and in Neosho, it's more true than ever before.

On Friday, B & B Neosho Cinema 6 held a grand re-opening event with an open house to showcase the upgraded amenities and screened the first movies in the just remodeled theatre. Neosho Cinema 6 has been closed for the past two months while the building underwent some major changes.

"A lot has changed," Paul Farnsworth, Director of Public Relations for B & B Theatres said on Friday. "Clearly the lobby has been re-imagined and revitalized. We got the standard updates, new carpet, new paint, wallpaper, that sort of thing. Our concession stand has been updated with digital signage and new countertops but the two most notable changes are the implementation of the Marquee Bar, which offers beer, wine and cocktails for guests who are of age so they can enjoy before, during and after the show.All of our auditoriums also have wide, leather electric recliners - there's a little button on the armrest that kicks your feet back and you can enjoy the magic of the movies laid back in a recliner."

Each of the six auditoriums - known as the houses in the movie industry - feature the leather recliners that offer the ultimate comfort for watching the movie.

Best of all, prices did not increase despite the upgrades.

As part of the Hollywood feel, customers walk along a classic red carpet on the way to view the movie..

Thanks to the Marquee Bar, guests who are 21 and older can enjoy a favorite beer, wine or cocktail.

District Manager Buzz Ball, who served as the manager in Neosho until March of this year, was on hand for the open house event which included a ribbon cutting with a cinematic twist. a

"I do want to say usually we have a ribbon cutting but here we have an old fashioned film cutting," Ball said as he and current manager Nick Tucker prepared to cut the film. "On the count of three, when we cut it, we all have to say the words 'Enjoy the magic of the movies'."

The Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce was present for the ribbon cutting.

"I am so excited to be here today," Executive Chamber Director Lauri Lyerla said. "This is a much anticipated grand re-opening of the B & B Theatres in Neosho."

Prior to the ribbon cutting, Ball explained how the upgrade came about.

"For the last 4 or 5 years, every time I have seen our CEO and President Bob Bagby I kept saying you know recliners would look real nice in Neosho" Ball said. " So finally about two, two and a half years ago, he said ' Okay Buzz we'll do it. ' This is the culmination of it. We were down for about 8 and a half weeks. Our design team Jessie Baker and Bridget Bagby, Bob Bagby's wife designed the color scheme, designed everything.

The crowd who gathered for the open house and grand re-opening liked what they saw. Interest in the project has been high. Local media and the chamber of commerce have fielded numerous questions about when the theatre would open.

"We are so, so proud that B & B chose Neosho to put a huge investment here," Ball said. "Prices are not going up. The best part of the investment B &B has made is we want to give Neosho a great place to come, watch a movie, have a casual drink, without any increased prices."

Movie patrons can also reserve not only tickets online but seats as well.

""We have reserved seating. You can go online, pick the movie that you want and pick your favorite seat. You don't have to come 45 minutes early just to get a good seat. You already have your seat," Ball said.

In addition to the grand reopening, B & B Theatres Cinema 6 was also named medium business of the year for 2019 by the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce. That honor was announced during the annual Chamber banquet earlier in the week.

Since the Neosho Cinema 6 is now the only regional theatre offering all recliner seating and an onsite bar, it's anticipated that it will draw movie goers from a wide radius in the Four State Area which includes Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

To reserve seats or buy advance movie tickets, visit https://bbtheatres.com/location/neosho-cinema-6

Come experience the magic of the movies at B & B Theatres Neosho Cinema 6 - it's brand new, state of the art, and a little bit of Hollywood right here in your hometown.