Since 1970, The Neosho Daily News has had a program each December that we call Share Your Christmas. Each year since then, we've highlighted children or families who need some extra help to make Christmas merry.

Each year, we invite our readers for assistance in sharing their Christmas.

We've been asked if we check out our participants and the answer is yes, we do.

We also protect their identity.

This year, we have eight children who have some clothing needs and would enjoy a few gifts.

We are now accepting new, unwrapped items at our offices at 1006 West Harmony in Neosho. We can also accept gift cards but company policy prohibits acceptance of cash or checks. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday. If someone has items to deliver outside those times, call 417-451-1520 or 417-389-5885. Our deadline to receive any donations is Wednesday, December 18.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas Neosho and Southwest Missouri are wonderful places to live, with caring neighbors who are always willing to lend a hand and open their hearts!

This year's children and their needs/wants are as follows:

Child #1 is an 11-year old girl. She wears medium size clothing and would like to receive school supplies and age appropriate toys or games.

Child #2 is a 7-year old boy. He wears medium size clothing and would like age appropriate game/toys and school supplies.

Child #3 is a 17-year old girl. She wears a large in clothing and would like to receive school supplies along with any other age appropriate gifts.

Child #4 is a 5-year old boy. He would anything Pokemon related and wears average size in clothing. He would also enjoy some age appropriate toys.

Child #5 is a 15-year old boy. He wears a men's small size and size 8.5 in shoes. His size for pants/jeans or jacket is 29x30. He also needs shirts, socks and boxers and would like to receive LED lights, especially those with sound.

Child #6 is an 8-year old girl. She would like baby dolls and anything art or drawing related. She wears a girls 10/12 in pants, jackets and shirts. She also needs large socks and large girls' panties.

Child #7 is a 10-month old boy. He would like anything age appropriate and any clothing for an infant as well as any baby related items.

Child #8 is a two-year old boy. His favorite program is Paw Patrol. He wears a size medium jeans and would like toys.

Any additional age appropriate items would be welcomed and appreciated. Some possible suggestions would include books, Legos, building blocks, Uno type card games, checkers, board games, coloring books and crayons, and holiday treats (packaged candy or cookies). Gift cards are also accepted.

The staff at the Neosho Daily would love to have a stocking for each child, filled or unfilled as well.

Items will be accepted through Wednesday, December 18 at our offices at 1006 West Harmony in Neosho.