A tradition of donating blood dates back more than forty years for members of the Mailes family and during that time their combined donations have totaled more than 100 gallons. Seven siblings began donating blood more than 44 years ago. Olan Mails, Freddie Mailes, Patsy Meyer, and Maurice Mailes continue the family tradition. Two siblings, Harold Mailes and Virginia Irvin, are now deceased. Another sister, Leta Platner, has also donated blood.

 The Mailes family continues to serve the community by donating blood.  On Monday, four Mailes siblings came to a blood drive held at the Lampo Building in Neosho.  Olan Mailes donated his 144th pint, (18 gallons), Freddie Mailes donated his 171st pint, (21 gallons plus 3 pints), Patsy Meyer donated her 112th pint, (14 gallons) and Maurice Mailes donated his 264th pint, (33 gallons).  These four have donated a total of more than 86 gallons and the total donated by all 7 siblings is 111 gallons.