Dear Readers and Neosho Community:

You may have noticed a large 'For Sale" sign in front of our location at 1006 West Harmony so we wanted to answer the unasked questions that may have arisen and assure you that your community newspaper is here to stay.

Yes, we were aware that the building has been listed for sale. It has been listed for quite awhile.

Yes, we are here to stay in Neosho. We are rooted deep in the area and we are committed to bringing you the news, stories, and information you need.

We have already been searching for a new office space.

We will be relocating in the future. Our newspaper will continue throughout the move.

Subscribers and readers will not be affected in any way.

In fact, we think a change of scenery will provide us with better opportunities to serve the area.

We're excited about the future.

So, to recap, yes, the building is for sale but The Neosho Daily News is not for sale

We will continue to be here, in Neosho, serving the area and delivering the news, just the way we have been since 1905.