Neosho Wildcat Wrestling districts are this weekend and the wrestlers will head off to state next week. Just like last year, food and drink donations are needed for the team during the state competition. The community response last year was overwhelming. If anyone has questions, post on Neosho High School Wrestling's Facebook page or send a private message.

Here are the items needed: 7 cases of bottled water, 8 cases of gatorade or powerade (four have been spoken for), 6 cases of Nesquick individual non-refrigerated chocolate milk, 4 six packs individual apple juices, 4 six packs of individual orange juices, 4 containers of peanut butter, 6 containers of grape squeeze jelly, 6 packages of non-refrigerated blueberry bagels, 6 packages of non-refrigerated cinnamon raisin bagels, 10 boxes of mini-muffins, 4 packages of sliced provolone cheese, 4 packages of sliced cheddar cheese, 3 pounds of sliced ham, 3 pounds of sliced turkey, 10 bags of Sun Chips (regular or cheddar flavor), 10 loaves of bread, and halos or cuties (mandarin oranges).

Wal-Mart cards are also welcome as the team mom can purchase items still needed while in Columbia.

Khristi Auch will be at the wrestling facility Monday 17th at 5pm to collect food items and drinks! Other meeting dates and times can be arranged, just message us! The State team will leave Wednesday, February 19th. The Neosho Daily News will cover the send-off.