As the United States and world struggle to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, some local residents found a way to still say "I love you" despite widespread lockdown of area nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Janaya Lumpkins, Neosho, took her son, Trenton Lumpkins and her niece, Alayna Farley, to visit her dad - and the kids' grandfather, at the nursing home where he resides.

"We went to see my dad (through the window) at his nursing home that's on lock down to say hi and we love him and to hang in there," Lumpkins said. "It cheered my dad up today!We even waved at a few other residents and made them smile."

Nursing homes throughout Missouri and across the nation are on lockdown as a preventative measure in an effort to keep the Coronavirus from spreading after multiple deaths at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.

With visitation limited, many residents could use a little TLC.

Lumpkins suggested an idea that's been floating around social media and other places - with most kids out of school, perhaps they could draw pictures and cards that could be sent to area facilities to brighten residents' day.

Parents should check with each facility before delivering hand drawn cards, letters and pictures to determine the best method of delivery.