Effective immediately, due to the recent COVIDS-19 virus outbreak the Neosho Police Department as of today 03/16/2020 will close the Police Department Facility to the public. If a copy of a report is needed contact the Police Department non-emergency phone number at 417-451-8012. A copy of a single police report will be sent to you via email or by the US post office at no charge.

If a member of the public requires in-person assistance at the Police Department facility from an Officer, the public is advised to use the above provided telephone number, and an officer will be sent to meet outside the Police Department facility if the call criteria are met.

Officers will not be responding to non-emergency, not in progress, police calls that can be handled via telephone, private property accidents, or medical calls, except for cardiac arrest. The on-duty Sergeant will make that determination per call.

This emergency protocol will be in effect until further notice.

Jason Baird