I am here again as hopefully an advisor that helps you be more educated on all things financial and sometimes in life.  I am no doctor.  I am not a world leader.  I am a person just like you that also gets the pleasure of trying to figure out what all this info in this world means in relation to the market.  

Number one thing I say always and will reinforce today is BREATHE.  RELAX.  The world is not ending contrary to what some media report is saying.  We have survived Ebola, SARS, Swine, etc, etc......There is always a flu of some kind.  Off the CDC website it says in 2019 6600 deaths because of the FLU.  So far with Coronavirus in the US 22?  Not saying every life isn't precious.  But wow people.  There is a reason media and now social media Is bad.  People a lot of time just cannot handle the news as we know it these days.  Being educated and careful is one thing.  Stock piling 14 cases of toilet paper is something all together different.  Point being, when something is that important to you and your family, research it.  Educate yourself.  Talk to medical staff.  Take precautions.  But jumping to conclusions, acting insane, and overall madness NEVER the answer.  

I have had NOTHING but calls from clients and non clients alike asking how to handle your finances.  That is NOT a standard answer.  If you are young, what changed Feb 13 from why you were buying then till now??  Did you decide to retire 30 years earlier??  If you did, then YES you should make major adjustments to your portfolio.  If you did not, those LOSSES you are seeing are paper losses.  You NEVER lose until you sell.  Let it ride.  Breathe.  Know you have PLENTY of time to get it back and it will come back and better question is do you have more money to put in now that is lower?  That is the young person decision.  If you are closer to retirement, this past month COULD hurt a lot.  You should 100% be talking to a professional and seeing where you stand, if you should risk down, and if you are still on track.  It could also be a reminder MAYBE you were too risky in the first place and might be time to adjust.  Again, maybe not.  Point is EVERYONE these days with the stock apps, easy access websites, etc think they can be a pro at stock trading.  Until about a month ago.  Then you realize you have no clue and might need someone to ask questions, bounce ideas off, evaluate your portfolio, evaluate where you are in relation to retirement.  I am the "expensive" broker.  My trades are NOT 10 dollars.  But sometimes wanting the 10 guy makes you need to work another 10 years.  Sometimes it is the difference in losing 50k and 10k.  You never need a pro until you DO.  Now is the time to talk to one even if it is not me.  Do it today.  

--Robert DeVore is a personal financial advisor at Grey Oak Investments LLC and writes a financial advice column for The Neosho Daily News and The Aurora Advertiser. He has offices in Neosho, Springfield and Mount Vernon.