Some came for the coffee and all day breakfast menu. Others enjoyed the burgers - especially the Neosho Burger - and other sandwiches. The Tex-Mex menu and the homemade tamales are popular and so is the catfish, breaded and fried to what some might call perfection. A full menu offers something for all ages. At Angel's Cafe in Neosho, however, it's not business as usual during the current COVID-19 pandemic - it's beyond above and beyond usual.

Menu items are still available as to go orders, for curbside carryout and delivery through Door Dash but Angel's Cafe is also offering a variety of items - many hard to find necessities - for sale to the community.

Items that include toilet paper, flour, yeast, eggs, rice, beans and more are all available.

"Our community means the world to us," manager Kimberly Smoak said. "It's the lifeblood of what we do. When we heard of the shortages, we knew our distributors carried those items so we wanted to be of assistance to our community family - they are our family."

So they put the word out through social media that customers could find some of the items in short supply to purchase at Angel's Cafe.

"After offering some of the items, we started getting requests for items like flour and yeast," Smoak said. "We couldn't have Neosho going without baked goods."

Items offered for sale - in addition to the full menu available currently from 9 a.m. through 9 p..m. daily - include yeast, flour, butter, eggs, pinto beans, jasmine rice, milk, sugar, Meseca flour (for tortillas), black beans, food grade gloves, toilet paper, potatoes, vegetables and more.

Ordering is easy - just call the restaurant at 417-451-2281 or stop by Angel's Cafe. No more than five people, including employees, are allowed in the store at a time. Payment can be made with cash, major credit cards, and now both SNAP benefits and EBT Cash.

According to Smoak, the most popular items have been yeast, flour, eggs, milk and sugar.

In addition to offering items for sale, they are offering up their full menu for curbside delivery and a partial menu on Door Dash.

Some of the most popular items right now include the tamales, Neosho Burger, Chicken Fried Steak and Catfish dinners, and more.

"Our breakfast selections are popular and we serve breakfast all day, seven days a week," Smoak said. "We have our full American menu, Tex-Mex menu, Kids Menu and our homemade in the husk tamales, available in beef, pork, and chicken. Most of our menu is on Door Dash but we had to scale it down due to the current situation but our most popular items are readily available for those using Door Dash delivery."

Currently, $10 raffle tickets for various items to be awarded in May are also offered. Details can be found on the Angel's Cafe Facebook page. The menu can also be found on the Facebook page to make ordering simple.

"We'd like to thank the community for all the support it has given us," Smoak said. "We're all in this together and we wouldn't be open without them."

Angel's Cafe has been part of Neosho for almost ten years. Originally known as Green Forest Family Restaurant, it became Angel's Cafe when owner Norma Martinez changed the name in honor of her late son, Miguel Angel Martinez, who died from cancer in 2015. He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a member of the Newton County Sheriff's Department.

Angel's Cafe is located at 1080 South Neosho Boulevard and the phone number is 417-451-2281.

"We look forward to serving everyone soon," Smoak said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed how the nation does business, an increasing number of restaurants have stepped up to offer groceries as well as cooked meals. The practice not only provides customers with their favorite menu items but an opportunity to purchase often hard to find items that have been in short supply.