As I prepare for my morning walk, I first have to take into consideration the weather.

As I prepare for my morning walk, I first have to take into consideration the weather.
Some mornings have been quite cold, down in single digits. Others are warm and in the 40s when I venture out. Some are damp. At other times, it is raining or snowing.
I particularly like those cold, clear mornings with deep-blue skies and no clouds. On one clear morning, I spotted airplane lights to the northwest. The plane was not flying high like the big passenger planes, but was high enough and far enough away that all that was noticeable were lights—no sound whatsoever.
I watched as it flew on, wondering where it was going. Was it headed to Little Rock or cities far beyond? I'll never know, but I enjoyed the moments of pleasure watching the lights glide through the clear-blue sky.
I was thinking of an article I read about button art the other day. An art gallery in New York City has been highlighting button art in a show lately. The article told about artists using buttons to paint pictures. One creation was of a school desk. It even had pink gum stuck under the seat. Of course, the pink gum was made of pink buttons.
Some of the button creations were deeply layered to give a three-dimensional effect. Other creations were attempts by the artists to paint with buttons. I imagine these are similar to the creations of pictures made entirely of grain that were popular several years ago.
We have a framed American flag in our family room that is made primarily of buttons. The flag was created by one our friends and given to us years ago. It is neat.
We also have a creation made by former Neosho High School Principal Dennis Griffin. He made scenes out of different-colored pieces of wood. Ours is a seascape with a lighthouse and seagulls.
Another article I recently read popped into my mind the other morning. It seems a homeless woman, helped by the police, gave birth to a baby. Her home was a cardboard box only yards from Vatican Square.
When the Roman Catholic authorities heard of this incident, they offered the woman and the baby one year’s accommodations in a church-owned apartment nearby. Hopefully, within a year she will get back on her feet.
Take a walk, enjoy button art and other creations, praise those who do good, use your signal lights, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.