We've had a taste of fall last week and I approve.

We've had a taste of fall last week and I approve.
Isn't it great that we have a variety of seasons? If it were winter all the time, or summer year around, I think it would be boring. Of course we must have the bitter with the sweet to appreciate the sweet and, around here, we must have the hot summer with the cool fall.
The Friends of the Neosho National Fish Hatchery has had a break. Our major work is from March to June. We almost wear ourselves out then, but have a nice recovery period. Our next event is November 3 when we host an open house to thank all our supporters. The open house will include a book signing with artist Jeff Jones whose painting covers the new cookbook. This will be the opening of our Christmas season at the bookstore.
We depend very heavily on the hatchery gift shop for funding the Veteran's Fishing Derby, the Kids Fishing Derby, the Senior/Handicapped Fishing Derby and our open house each April.
These funds also help buy fishing rods, hooks, bobbers and everything else associated with the derbies. We truly appreciate all the people who shop with us.
This month, our store manager, Betty Wright, contributed $3,000 to the general budget. These were the profits from the bookstore which Betty gives three or four times a year.
What a day we had at Prairie Days at the Carver Monument this year. The weather was perfect and the crowd was huge. Superintendent Jim Hearny says his favorite event at the Monument is Carver Days, but I like Prairie Days.
Does your child know how a rope is made, or how soap or butter are made? Has your child ever washed on a rub board or seen a spinning wheel at work? How many rides have your children taken in a farm wagon?
All these things, and more, are showcased at Prairie Days. It's a fun time for kids and adults as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this for everyone. So, put it on your list of things to do next September.
Also, a big thanks to all the volunteers who demonstrate these old crafts and also to the volunteers who work at the hatchery gift shop and at the fishing derbies. These people do a lot for their communities and for the country. They should be commended.
A lot of festivals are on tap in the area. Groups and communities will be celebrating the season in many ways. If you can, please support these events with your attendance. Many people work hard to put these things on and they would love to see you.
Celebrating fall is an ancient tradition. For generations, people have had festivals and thanksgivings for a good harvest. These celebrations today reflect these old ways. Don't let your kids or grandkids grow up without seeing someone quilting, carving or cooking on an outdoor fire.
One night our police scanner went off and someone reported a child yelling. The police went to check it out. They found a family camping out in their own back yard. They had a tent and planned to sleep outdoors. I don't know the family, but it warmed my heart and it proves that you can find happiness in your own backyard.

Kay Hively of Neosho is a Daily News correspondent and writes a weekly column.