To say that the world of politics in this country is toxic is an understatement. The Democrats, aided by the left leaning national media is in a feeding frenzy doing everything in their power to bring down the President.

To say that the world of politics in this country is toxic is an understatement.  The Democrats, aided by the left leaning national media is in a feeding frenzy doing everything in their power to bring down the President.  
Now, I will admit that Trump is an easy target and provides a lot of ammunition for their attacks.  But, from before he even assumed office some of the national Democrats were calling for his impeachment – before he was even inaugurated.  
Come on people.  Are you really that afraid that your weak ideological arguments can’t stand up to being tested by someone that doesn’t agree with you?  Apparently so.
I wish that Trump acted more presidential and I wish that he would grow up.  But, at least I think he loves the country that he leads.  And, I truly believe that he isn’t trying to destroy the nation by immolating the failed European model of governance.  For all his shortcomings, he is at least proud of America and what we have accomplished over the last two-plus centuries.
What is so disturbing is the delight that much of the media takes in every misstep – real or manufactured.  I have noted many times in past columns that my first love was journalism, but what I see being played out in the national media is not journalism.  It is a witch hunt by people pretending to be journalists.  
And, I will remind you that when I talk about the left leaning media, I am not referring to our local folks – who I believe do their best to be fair and balanced.  I always feel that I know the difference between the editorializing and reporting – something I don’t feel with the national reporters.
So when I talk about the toxic nature of politics, I also have to point toward the state of Missouri as well.  This last session was a perfect example of what happens when public servants go beyond representing their constituents and think that they are larger than the institution itself.
Specifically we need to look at the Senate and we can see how just a very few Senators can effectively hijack the best interests of the state because of their inflated egos.  I personally know all of the leaders of the Senate and know that they did their best this year but, unfortunately, the rules of the Senate allow the kind of games that we saw played out throughout the session.
I get that the Senate is the more deliberate body of the General Assembly and that Senators use the rules to try to reach compromise on sometimes contentious subjects.  And, I know that sometimes you have to stand firm in what you believe.
But, when egos and personal agendas masquerade as convictions, you have problems such as we saw this year.
A couple of years after I left the legislature, a local journalist told me that I was the same when I left Jefferson City as I was when I started.  I think this was the greatest compliment that he could have given me.  Of course, he may have thought I wasn’t all that great before I was elected but at least I didn’t let Jefferson City change me.  
It is hard to spend time in power and not let it go to your head.  Being called Representative, Senator or Mr. Chairman is good for ones ego and I will admit that it is nice to be treated with a little more attention and respect.  I think that is normal for all of us.
But, I also knew that a lot of people were treating me with that extra attention just because of what I could do for them.  They weren’t truly my friends but I was just a vehicle for them to achieve their objectives and that meant that they needed to treat me differently.
And, I understood that the day after I was no longer useful to those people that many of them wouldn’t even return my calls.  Now, when I go back to the Capitol, I can point out the people who were using me and those that did truly become friends.
Did I sometimes let my ego get a little inflated?  I’m sure it did but, luckily, I had a lot of people around me that were not shy about bursting that little bubble.  And, I did not let a title define who I was as a person.
I served with a lot of people just like me and I also served with a lot of people who let the position go to their heads.  Maybe someone will let the air out of the ego of some of our elected Senators so next year they will learn what it means to govern.

Kevin Wilson writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.