It's always reading season for me because I read year round, as much as I can. Some days that may be no more than a short time at the end of the day but I read.

It's always reading season for me because I read year round, as much as I can.  Some days that may be no more than a short time at the end of the day but I read.
Those long summer vacations from school are just a memory for me but in my childhood I utilized the time to spend more hours at the library. I always participated in the summer reading program at my neighborhood branch library, Washington Park, in St. Joseph, Missouri but by the time I moved to Neosho, I was older than the other participants.  
I feed my reading habit at the local library with both books and Ebooks. I often use Overdrive, part of the Missouri Libraries To Go program, and accessible with my Neosho Newton County library card online.  I indulge in a few purchases as well and check Amazon daily for the latest free bestsellers, a lit that constantly changes but is always available.  I'm also subscribed to several free services that sent out daily emails with information about free and specially priced Ebook.  Robin Reads, Digital Book Spot, and Pixel of Ink are a few of my favorites.
I often hear about suggested summer reading titles and beach or vacation reads.  I have no plans to visit the beach this year, as much as I might want to go, and no vacation destination.
Reading is my getaway.  In the past few years, I have found myself reading a series over the summer months so instead of reading one book, I read many.
Last year, I devoured my way through Robyn Carr's Virgin River series.  Each book is set in the mythical town of Virgin River and each focuses on a romance between a new couple.  Many of the characters appear in most if not all of the books.  When I finished the last book, I read Carr's Thunder Point series too.
This year, I'm re-reading the entire Outlander series, written by Diana Gabaldon.  I stumbled across the first book years ago, when I was writing my time travel novel, A Time To Love. I wanted to see what other books in the time travel vein existed and once I read the first, I was captivated.   I've read the eight novels in the series so far and am waiting eagerly for the ninth book, now in progress.  A series based on the series is also popular.  I have the first two seasons on DVD and the third is now in production.  I'm on book seven now so once I finish the eighth book, I'll be waiting for the ninth novel.
I may need to find another series to finish out the summer but I don't mind at all.
I'm open to suggestions but I have no doubt I can find another series.  Series have become extremely popular.  I've considered writing one and I've heard from many readers who think I should.  If I can ever decide just when and where to set a series, I might but it would take plenty of pre-planning to get the job done.
In the meantime, I'll keep up with the WIP (work in progress) and continue to read, one book at a time.

Lee Ann Murphy is a staff writer for the Neosho Daily News and writes a column.