Good morning Neosho! It’s….FRIDAY! This week’s column is going to be the first in a new series of articles I will call “Behind the Scenes.”

Good morning Neosho! It’s….FRIDAY! This week’s column is going to be the first in a new series of articles I will call “Behind the Scenes.”
In this new endeavor, I will attempt to give some insight on what it is like to be the mayor in a small town. There will be funny stories, there will be sad stories. There will be stories of success, and there will be stories of failure. The tales that will be told will be true, and of course, the names will be changed to protect the innocent (or in some instances, the guilty). I think this will be a fun and insightful adventure into the world of small-town government.
One of my favorite things about being the mayor is getting to meet new people, and getting to experience interactions with a wide variety of people. Some of these stories are just too good to not share, and so now I will try to let you enjoy some of these experiences as well
Several weeks ago, we had some friends from Texas who were visiting a sick relative in Neosho. They had also brought with them their beloved pet dog that goes by the name of “Prince.” Somehow, while the dog owners were in town, Prince got away from them and got lost. The owners immediately contacted me to see if there was anything I could do to see if the dog had been captured by the animal control officer, or If there was anything I could do to help them find him. I was out of town that weekend officiating a wedding for my youngest sister in Indiana, so I gave them the information to contact the city and see if Prince had been seen or captured. I also put out a Facebook post with a picture of the dog to see if any of my friends might recognize the dog and contact me. The owners of the dog also put out flyers everywhere in town with Prince’s picture on them and their contact information.
Of course, there is always a few false sightings, along with a few even saying “Yeah, we saw him dead on the road. It was him I’m sure of it.” But, nothing was confirmed for around a week or so. We were starting to accept the fact that Prince probably had not made it, or someone had taken him. And then, out of nowhere someone who saw a flyer or a Facebook post turned him in and albeit a few pounds lighter and a little confused, Prince was found! The owners immediately drove back from Texas and picked him up. What a happy reunion that was!
And there you go. A feel-good story for you this fine Friday! The moral of the story is that you should never underestimate the power of making a need or suggestion known. I’m sure there are many stories where the dog was not found, or that he was stolen, or that he was indeed found on the side of the road, but don’t ever think that because there is a chance that it might not happen that you shouldn’t try. So, whether it’s a lost dog, a street-light out, or a request to change a speed limit, make it known! You never know what might happen! Until I reemerge from under my pile of to-do’s, stay awesome Neosho!

Ben Baker is the mayor of Neosho and writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.