Boy, has it been cold!

Boy, has it been cold!
What activity have you found to keep yourself busy when staying indoors during this frigid weather. People with hobbies always have something to keep them busy. I like jigsaw puzzles so I got one out. It features all kinds of lighthouses. I got out a card table and added the special board that Russell made for me. This board has a little lip around it to keep the loose puzzle pieces from falling off the table.
But something beside puzzles took my time.
Someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said a Rolodex; something to store my telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail address. Many people are giving up their landlines telephones and using only cell phones. With that happening, you have no way to look up their number. As a result, you have to write their numbers down when you learn them.
I used to have a small Rolodex, but it got too full and I had to stop using it. Instead of buying one, I took the Rolodex cards and put them in one of those small recipe boxes. When I got a new name, I put it on a 3x5 card, which I also put in the recipe box.
This was very hard to use so I asked for one for Christmas, but what a chore that has been to transfer the numbers from the recipe box and put them on Rolodex cards. I was able to use the old Rolodex cards, but had to rewrite all the numbers and other information from the 3X5 cards. It seemed to take forever.
We haven't watched much professional football this fall and I usually don't care for college football. If I can, I watch the Army-Navy game. It was a great game this year and my favorite team finally won.
But I had a dilemma this year. As the college championship got down to the wire, Oklahoma played Georgia and Clemson played Alabama in the final four. I got pressure from factions in my own family about who to support. Many in my family have attended the University of Oklahoma, so they asked me to root for the Sooners. Another faction was rooting for Clemson because a nephew has an internship with the Tigers football team.
So on New Year's Day I settled to watch two games and wondered where my allegiance would be if both Oklahoma and Clemson made it into the finals. I even thought for a moment that I maybe one of them would lose in the semi-finals and solve my problem.
Actually neither of these things happened because both teams lost in the semi-finals. Georgia beat Oklahoma and Alabama beat Clemson so I don't need to worry and don't need to watch the championship game this weekend.
Now that the new year is underway, I hope everyone enjoys themselves and stays warm. The long range forecast calls for the entire month to be cold, so button up. I cannot remember a year when snow falls and sticks around so long. We got the snow just before Christmas and it has stayed and stayed. As of this writing, it is still here and shows no sign of leaving.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.