A few years ago there was a movie called “The Replacements”. It was a football movie about a group of misfits that replaced the players on an NFL team during a strike. Love the movie.

A few years ago there was a movie called “The Replacements”.  It was a football movie about a group of misfits that replaced the players on an NFL team during a strike.  Love the movie.
There was a scene where the coach, played by Gene Hackman, asks the players what they are afraid of.  It starts out pretty funny as someone said spiders and someone else says bugs.  But then it gets serious when the quarterback, played by Keneau Reeves, says quicksand.  The other players don’t understand at first until the coach asks him what he means.
Instead of real quicksand he is talking about how things are going along pretty well in a game and then a mistake happens, followed by another and then soon you feel like you are sinking from the errors and can’t get back on track. How prophetic that is for life. How many times in our lives have we had the situation where things are going along well and then bad things start happening and before we know it we feel like we are drowning in quicksand and can’t get out?
I know that this has been true in my life.  There have been times where I’ve gotten pretty comfortable and then “wham” life smacks me right on the side of the head and then didn’t stop with just one hit.  And yes, it felt like I was sinking and the quicksand was threatening to fully engulf me.  
I would bet that there is not a person reading this column that hasn’t felt this way at least once in their lives.  And fear has gripped you to the point that you just didn’t know how you were going to take even one more step in life.  
What is that you have been afraid of or are afraid of right now?  Is it a family situation, work, finances or your health?  What is it in life that threatens to pull you down into the quagmire of quicksand of fear and uncertainty?  We all have our fears and demons that we have to deal with and they aren’t the same for any two of us.
We are all familiar with the statement that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  I heard that on a television show just last night.  I said that one day to a friend of mine and he said that it wasn’t true.  He said that God doesn’t give us more than He can handle if we will trust Him.  Okay Gary, you are wiser than I am on this one.
So what do we do when we are gripped by fear?  It’s really easy for people to put up a strong front and act like they aren’t afraid of anything or that they can handle whatever life sends their way.  We all know people like that.  Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret – everyone has their moments regardless of how they try to act.  And, we can’t ever fully know what is going on in someone else’s mind and life – even those we are closest to.

So what do we do when we have these times in our lives?  Don’t think that I am this great philosopher that can impart wisdom that will solve all your problems because I am just as affected by fear and uncertainty as everyone else. But, I will share you my thoughts.

Before we go any further we have to tell ourselves that it’s okay to be afraid.  I have been told more than once by my pastor that I am human and I’m not perfect so quick beating myself up over being weak.  Thanks Todd, appreciate your support.  But honestly, he is right and we have to be willing to admit that we are weak and not in control.

When we are willing to give up control and give it (whatever “it” is) over to God, then we stop leaning on our own strength and depend on Him.  Easier to write down on paper and say than it is to do in real life.  Especially when we think we have all the answers and that society tells us that we are the master of our own fate.

As Christians when we doubt and are afraid we are basically telling God that we don’t trust Him enough to get us through the worst times of our lives – that we know more than He does.  Ouch.  That is a gut punch, but how many times have we done that in life and how many more times will we do it before we die?

Yes, it’s okay to be human and to doubt and be afraid.  But, we need to realize that there is no quicksand that can drag us down to a point where God can’t bring us up.        

Kevin Wilson writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.