Have you had enough of winter yet?

Have you had enough of winter yet?
 I would say that "cold" describes our winter. We have had almost no rain, and very little snow. But cold temperatures have been common. Russell recently noted that sometimes in January we have a couple of days when the temperatures fall below freezing. This year, however, we have had only a couple of days when it didn't get below freezing.
February hasn't been much better, although I sense the weather is improving. We have had two or three days when the thermometer reached 60 or better.
The veterans fishing derby is coming up soon at the Neosho National Fish Hatchery. The date is Saturday, March 17, which is also St. Patrick's Day. If the luck of the Irish holds true that day, then every veteran who has Irish blood should come and try their luck.
Have you been watching the Olympics? I used to be quite a fan. As a young girl, I was taken with figure skating. I had seen a few Sonja Henie movies and dreamed of skating like her. But living in rural Oklahoma, there wasn't much natural ice and certainly no ice rinks, so my dream of ice skating was just that—a dream.
Over the years, I have become disappointed with the Olympics. My disappointment started years ago when professional athletes were first allowed to participate. That idea got worse and worse and culminated when the entire 1992 basketball team was made up of professional. I seem to recall that the excuse was that other teams had professionals on their teams. I felt we should have send true amateurs and held our heads high.
Such players as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen and David Robinson were hardly unknown and certainly not amateurs.
 As I learned more about the Olympics, I thought that even having a basketball team was wrong. As the modern Olympics progressed, they drew away from the ideas of the original games.
Remember Jim Thorpe? In 1912, he won gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon. In these events, he had to pole vault, do the long jump, run the 100-yard dash, and throw the discus, among other events. But his medals were taken away when it was learned that he had played semi-professional baseball before his Olympic performance.
In 1983, the Olympic committee restored his medals.That would have left a bitter taste in my mouth, but perhaps Mr. Thorpe could have stomached that more than I.
The first Olympics were just for amateurs, and all the events were for a single athlete. There were no team events; no hockey, no basketball, no re-lay races; no doubles in tennis; no baseball. Just one single competitor again one single competitor. Just one athlete doing his best. And a wreath or crown of olive leaves was the only trophy awarded.
I haven't watched any of this year's competition, but in news reports it sounds like many of the athletes are spoiled brats and not an example of national pride, good sportsmanship or common courtesy. They seem more interested in gaining headlines than in representing their country.
I love sports, but now am wondering if I know what "sports" are.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.