My friend, Jean Bird, sent an interesting article from her local newspaper in California which I want to share with you.

My friend, Jean Bird, sent an interesting article from her local newspaper in California which I want to share with you.
Her community is still dealing with the aftermath of those terrible brush fires that devastated the area recently. The recovery will last a long time, but there is hope.
The newspaper article Jean sent dealt with wildlife, especially the bears, who went through the fires. Many were killed. But some were saved by veterinarians using some unique treatment.
The veterinarians, some from the University of California at Davis, treated the bears, and at least one mountain lion cub, by sewing fish skins to their burned paws and then wrapping them with bandages of rice paper and corn husks. The animals responded very quickly. One bear that would only lie down, rather than stand or walk on burned paws, almost immediately got up and began walking around with his its companion.
The doctors and scientists in California had read about human burn victims in Brazil who were treated with skins from tilapia, a species of fish. The skins were put on the burns to soothe pain and promote healing.
This is a positive and wonderful result of research for the good of the world. As my friend, Norma Crews, once told me, "Pray for researchers."
We were talking about the power of prayer, and she said, "I pray for doctors and nurses but I also pray for researchers. They make a lot of healing happen."
As usual, Norma was right. This story of the wildlife in California is a good example.
Susan and Bill Carlsten put on quite a breakfast spread and invited the clerks in the hatchery gift shop. Susan is the manager of the store and that job includes finding people to man the store. No one is paid for their work and that includes Susan. She puts in many hours of her time to run the place and she does a great job. What is especially nice is that Susan also serves as the head of volunteers for all of  the Freeman Hospital units.
Thankfully, she has two people she can call on for help. Former manager, Betty Wright, is a storehouse of knowledge about the inventory and bookwork and willing to help anytime. Dianna Messens is a great help with pricing and stocking shelves. She is also the "go-to" person if the cash register or credit card machines acts up.
Of course, all the clerks are helpful in many ways and are responsible for keeping the store open as much as possible. Everyone is always looking for another volunteer to clerk or serve as a substitute clerk. There is no pay, but what a breakfast we get each year. How many breakfasts have you been to that includes not only the traditional menu, but also includes such things as asparagus and fudge. I think asparagus is the most popular dish on the buffet.
Thanks Susan and Bill.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.