Two of my favorite events will be this weekend here in Neosho. First off is the annual Business Expo and the second is the Veterans Derby.

Two of my favorite events will be this weekend here in Neosho. First off is the annual Business Expo and the second is the Veterans Derby.
Starting at 5 p.m. Friday, the public is invited to attend the 25th annual Business Expo held at the Neosho High School cafeteria.
I love attending these expos. It gives businesses a chance to showcase their services, but also it is a chance for the public to see what area businesses have to offer. Then there is the giveaways of prizes and pens, paper, promotional items and a chance for businesses and the public to network.
For almost my entire career here at the Daily News, I have either covered the event, been involved with a shift at the Daily News’ booth or even just walked around and enjoying While at the booth, I have personally encountered customers coming up and asking various questions to us from the history of the paper to how we print to how we gather stories and they also give insight on story ideas. I truly believe this Business Expo is a great asset to the community.
So if you have an opportunity either Friday or Saturday, head to the Business Expo. I think that you will enjoy the day.
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Another event will the annual Veterans Fishing Derby on Saturday at the Neosho National Fish Hatchery.  
Veterans of all ages, from all branches of service, as well as active duty personnel are encouraged to come and fish.
Registration begins at 8 a.m. Fishing will start at 9 a.m. The fisherman will be allowed to take four fish on a "strictly-enforced" catch and keep program. All the fish will be cleaned and packed in ice for the fishermen to take them home. A luncheon will also be provided for the veterans.
All equipment and supplies are provided to the veterans, including fishing poles, bait, stringers, bobbers, hooks. The veterans need only to bring themselves.
Even though I am not a veteran, I have seen how these veterans love to attend this fishing derby. From the time that they register to saying the opening ceremonies to piking out their fishing poles to baiting the hooks and then of course when they catch the fish, they have smiles on their faces. Everyone of them that I have talked to during this event has expressed a sincere gratitude to the Friends of the Neosho National Fish Hatchery to the hatchery staff and to the countless volunteers who come out that day. It is truly a great event to give back to these fellow veterans.
On a personal side note, as many of you know, my dad and my wife are veterans. A few years ago, Tina attended the event. She really, really enjoyed catching the fish, noting that it had been a while since she fished.
So if you are a veteran and love to fish, I highly recommend to attend the upcoming fishing derby.

Todd G. Higdon is the managing editor and writes a weekly column. He can be reached at thigdon@