Last Saturday I saw many beautiful plants and some equally beautiful people who love working in their yards and gardens.

Last Saturday I saw many beautiful plants and some equally beautiful people who love working in their yards and gardens.
Russell and I spent much of the day at the Master Gardeners plant sale and the local Farmers Market. There was wonderful weather for the events and everyone was having a great time. The summer-like weather seemed to be smiling on both affairs.
We talked with some people who had already put in their garden, some who had put in part of it and a few who had done nothing yet. But no matter, everyone was inspired by all the plants they saw, and I am sure many people went home, grabbed the hoe and put in at least a few plants or seed.
Jeff and Diana Messens were at the plant sale. Jeff said his garden was complete. Maybe he didn't see Diana buy a plant or two while he was visiting with friends so I would guess that his garden was "almost" complete.
It is great fun to watch people at the plant sale. Sometimes it looks like a bargain basement sale as folks gather up the plants they came for or for some they decided to try. One of the best things about the sale was listening to people who asked questions about the plants they were buying. And even more interesting is listening to the answers. People want to know about this or that variety. Is it ever-blooming? Is it determinant? How long before it produces?
The knowledge of the Master Gardeners is amazing.
Moving from the plant sale, we came back to town and visited the local Farmer's Market. It was the opening day for the season. I heard a couple of vendors telling each other how excited they were to be back.
There was a big turnout in the nice weather. Children and dogs on leashes were a common sight. The farmers-vendors had many things to choose from. It was nice just walking from booth to booth. It took a while to make the short trip from one end to the other because we were always running into friends and acquaintances.
It was a nice day and it put Russell in the mood to get serious about his garden. Our garden has already been tilled, thanks to our neighbor. Sara Jarvis is a great gardener and has beautiful flowers and veggies. For the second year, she offered to till Russell's garden spot. She tills deep into the soil, turning it over beautifully.
Most people who know her are aware that Sara is a preacher's wife, but probably few know she runs a mean machine.
As a token of thanks, Russell gave her a jar of homemade plum jelly from North Dakota.
Russell worries about his garden because the squirrels and groundhogs have a taste for tomatoes and cucumbers, two of our primary vegetables. Maybe this year will be better and the creatures will find something else to eat. Between us and the Jarvis family, we may get a few tomatoes between us.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.