What a month May 2018 turned out to be! Temperatures daily that exceeded the average highs following a non-existent Spring season. May brought the heat!

What a month May 2018 turned out to be!  Temperatures daily that exceeded the average highs following a non-existent Spring season.  May brought the heat!  
This Memorial Day weekend seemed to be have one of the best weather patterns ever, but this is based on my memory.  I had always found that during Memorial Day weekend conditions run the entire cycle from cold to wet to scorching hot and sunburn.  This past weekend was hot, but consistent and not a drop of rain where I was.  As we decorated graves this past weekend and made the rounds with our traditional Memorial Day activities, we were pleased to see that many had already made it to the cemetery prior to our arrival.  
Monday was filled with formal ceremonies in memory of those who have given all for the great freedom that we enjoy.  Like so many other things, let’s not leave that to one day of the year, but be ever mindful of the things that have the greatest importance.  Faith, family and freedom are all centered on people who have given their all for our wellbeing.  

On the lighter side of things, while Memorial Day has nothing to do with the beginning of summer as that is determined by the Summer Soltice, this weekend usually marks the end of the school year, the onset of warm weather activities and the opening of the City Pool.  Well, not quite so this year.  The Neosho School District will be in session until June 4.  So, there was a temporary municipal pool opening during the Memorial Day weekend and then, just as suddenly the pool closed.  It will open again on Saturday, June 2 and remain so, operating at the normal hours.  The normal summer hours are Monday through Saturday, 12:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, 12:30 p.m. until 4 p.m.  Please note that the Sunday hours for general admission have been modified.  Pool parties can still be scheduled for Sunday evenings.  
So the holiday weekend has come and went and many feet got hot on pavement, river stone beaches, and pool decks.  My feet got hot in my boots as I tilled the garden, twice, Saturday morning and again on Monday.  
While it may have been a great weekend to go to the lake, river or pool, we found it was an ideal time to work the garden, mow and trim.  We did stop and take a couple short rides on the motorcycle, one to eat lunch at the café at Longview and another to the IOOF Cemetery at Newtonia.  What an exciting weekend!   For the two weeks prior to the Memorial Day weekend, we found ourselves grilling four or five times a week.  Then comes Memorial Day weekend and we never fire up the grill once.  So while we endured the heat, which affected our feet, we never grilled the meat, not even once.  Here we are at the end of another school year and the beginning of what may be a very hot summer.  Many feet will be running around naked in the heat and all the while someone will be grilling meat for others to eat.   So let’s make it a great summer in Neosho, there are a lot of things to do from now until the onset of autumn.  Let’s have a great time.  We are free to do so!

Paul Richardson is the director of public relations and events for the city of Neosho.