Three weeks from tomorrow will bring us the 2018 version of Celebrate Neosho. You are like, “Sure this guy is going to talk about Celebrate Neosho since he is the Event’s Coordinator. Pretty lame.”

Three weeks from tomorrow will bring us the 2018 version of Celebrate Neosho.  You are like, “Sure this guy is going to talk about Celebrate Neosho since he is the Event’s Coordinator.  Pretty lame.”
 It is true that I may go on a bit about the events in Neosho, but good events and especially unique events are vital to making our mark.  The City of Joplin recently contracted a consultant for a study to determine what would bring people to their city.  We can learn off of their dime in this instance and what their dime bought them was that they needed to make their city a “go to” place.  
At the top of the list was providing events and event venues.
Well, there are a couple of ways to go on this issue and as, oh, his name slips away from me, but a guy who is attributed a lot of quotes once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”.  Well, one of the forks on events is quantity and the other fork would be….. Perhaps you guessed it, quality.  
As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago from this very soapbox, my philosophy is to perfect what we have before we begin adding more.  It is better to have a few real quality items as opposed to having a lot of half…., well, let’s go with half baked items.  Quality events will make us a “go to” place where as quantity alone will make us a, “Who cares, they have one of those over at Tenbucktoo and that is closer to home” kind of place.
The consultants had pointers for the City of Joplin along the lines of, “you all need to spend some money, big money to have an event center that can accommodate…..” and so on and so on.  That sounds like a lot of money initially for the construction and then you have years of maintenance, overhead, labor and the list goes on.  
That is fine and well, but when events already exist that are growing and maturing in a manner that indicates the results are going in the right direction, why not perfect these through a strategic plan that clearly defines the event and the direction it will take us.  That, my friend, is what we are trying to do.  So the events are outside and we are gambling with the weather every time we put it on the calendar.  That’s the hillbilly way!  Whatever on the torpedoes, full steam ahead!   
But seriously folks, the City of Neosho have some good events.  Events that have a solid foundation and can bloom into spectacular events if continually refined and nurtured.  Making the City of Neosho a “go to” place for events is already in the making.  The time is now for determining the value of these events and taking them to a level that they become the first choice every time and other competing events on the same date are always the second choice.  The view from aloft will be literally from the skies during Celebrate Neosho as the air show in 2018 grows to new levels.  That view will be on a small city in Southwest Missouri that is becoming the “go to” place for air shows, bluegrass, arts and crafts, and so much more.  Come join us as we cast our view upwards watching those who have a view of the City of Neosho in its entirety.

Paul Richardson is the director of public relations and events for the city of Neosho.