Ever heard of a place called Alcora?

Ever heard of a place called Alcora?
I hadn't until recently. I love old communities, especially if they are no longer here. I also have a thing for maps. It was while casually perusing an old Newton County plat map from 1902 that I saw Alcora. At the least, there was once a post office there.
Alcora is, or was, located at the intersection of present day Iris and Ibex Roads, northwest of Neosho and a couple of miles southeast of Spurgeon. Nearby, to the north, was Cave Springs School, which formed sometime before 1900, according to the book “Buzzard Glory and Seed Tick History: A History of the Schools in Newton County, Missouri” by Larry James and Sybil Jobe. So we know a post office and a schoolhouse (albeit a little north) was there as of 1902. Another map shows a church, just as there is today. What else? I don't know. I haven't found much, after only a cursory search. A couple of  newspaper articles from 1915 and one from 1922 briefly mention Alcora in a single sentence. All three are related to roads. There are probably more, and I just haven't found them.
Places like that interest me. In the days when travel wasn't as fast and easy as it is now, when most people around here journeyed by horse and buggy/horse and wagon well after the automobile was invented, folks didn't go as far for their needs. Instead, there was usually a place much more local where they could get what they needed – places like Alcora. Just guessing, but the Alcora post office may have doubled as a general store. That's pure speculation. Such was the case down at another crossroad community in Newton County, at a place called Dessa, which I've written extensively about in the past. Like Alcora, at Dessa there was a post office/store and a schoolhouse. The two places are so similar, it wouldn't surprise me if the Alcora post office was indeed a store as well. Such, however, remains to be found.
Meanwhile, if you know anything about Alcora, please drop me a line at 12161 Norway Road, Neosho, MO 64850.
There are many other one-time dots on the local map that I doubt most people have ever heard of. Some of them have funny names, such as Art and Log.
Art was somewhere east and north of Dessa, and may have been somewhere in the vicinity of modern-day Goldfinch Road and Gazelle Road, but that's a rough calculation.
Log was north of Seneca, at the intersection of today's Iris Road and Bethel Road, almost on the Oklahoma line and not too far from the “Spooklight.” Both places appear on a 1904 map of Newton County. I don't know if Art had a post office, but Log did. I couldn't say how they got their interesting names. There probably wasn't a whole lot at either community, but they were once places that people called home.

Wes Franklin writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.