I want someone to help me understand what is happening in this country. It’s pretty confusing to me right now and I could use a little assistance in making sense of it all.

I want someone to help me understand what is happening in this country.  It’s pretty confusing to me right now and I could use a little assistance in making sense of it all.
So, a conservative baker with deep Christian beliefs is harassed and forced to make a wedding cake for a gay couple even though it goes against everything that they believe in.  The baker is taken to court and pays exorbitant legal fees to defend their right to not do something against their moral conscience.  Even though there are other bakers who the couple can go to who don’t have those beliefs.  
Before you liberals start typing your rebuttal and cite the recent Colorado case, stop and save your energy.  On that case the U.S. Supreme Court punted and made sure that their ruling only applied to one specific case and then it was because of a fault with a state agency and not on the merits of the underlying case.
The liberal talking heads have made it very clear that anyone who would refuse such a thing was guilty of intolerance and discrimination.  How dare someone refuse to deny anyone service based on their personal beliefs? Why, that just isn’t what America is all about.
Now we come to the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia who has several gay waiters.  Sarah Sanders, White House spokesperson, decides this would be a good place to eat dinner (even though she had other options).  The waiters do not want to serve her because they don’t agree with her beliefs so the owner asks her to leave.
How is this scenario different from the first one except for the fact that Ms. Sanders speaks for President Trump?  Where are the liberal talking heads now?  Why are they not yelling about intolerance and discrimination?
 Obviously, in the eyes of the far left, President Trump is evil incarnate and therefore anyone is justified in discriminating against anything or anyone associated with him.  And I guess that is enough to ignore their passion for demanding tolerance from everyone that disagrees with their narrow liberal doctrine.
Why, we even have one of the shining stars of the national Democratic Party not only cheering for the owner of the Red Hen but going even further asking people to basically harass every member of the President’s cabinet.  You gotta love Maxine Waters – if you are an extreme liberal or you are a Republican running for office.

If I were running for Congress, I would have her speech running on a loop and play it at every opportunity I could.  I guess that is why even members of her own party came out against her.  They know the optics and how that kind of inflammatory rhetoric is going to play in this election cycle.

The fact that too many on the left do not see any of the hypocrisy represented in this scenario is what scares me about where we are in this country.  I’m not naïve, because I know that as bad as the far left is, the far right is just as bad.  But, the difference is, I haven’t witnessed from the far right the single minded desire to stamp out the voice of the other side.

Yes, both sides have extremists but the far left just doesn’t see any problem with shutting down every person that would dare not agree with their viewpoints.  Those of us with conservative beliefs are seen as ignorant and intolerant and not worthy of expressing our views in a public forum.

From the viewpoint of many on the left, if we are in public then they have the right (no, the obligation) to harass us based on our views.  And, that even extends to showing up at cabinet members homes to harass them on their private property.

Understand that I have liberal friends that I don’t agree with on policy issues but are still my very good friends.  We may get frustrated at each other by events but I have never seen one of them cross the line to be ugly or intolerant and I have never lost a friend over a political view.

What we are seeing and experiencing in this country are extreme views taking over the public debate on matters of national consequence.  When we allow passions to take precedence over measured dialogue, we have lost our civility and our ability to make rational decisions.

July 4th is the day we celebrate in this country our independence from a tyrannical king.  What we are doing right now is creating another monarchy that threatens to enslave us more than any king ever could.  We are creating a kingdom ruled by extremism and the ultimate elimination of free speech.

Why can we not see the irony of what is occurring in this great nation?  God bless America and may we last several more centuries – in spite of ourselves.  

Kevin Wilson writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.