A few Saturdays ago, Tina and I headed down to the Neosho Farmer's Market. We had one of our dogs, Piper, with us and went around to the various tents looking at the fruits, vegetables and other items they had to offer.

I love homegrown potatoes, green beans and corn; Tina enjoys tomatoes and other vegetables.

When we were walking around, I started to remember about growing up in Newtonia and our garden that we had. It was outside our backyard, I can not remember when we started the preparations of the garden, but I think the first thing we planted was potatoes. The course of action was this, we would go down to Ratliff's Feed (adjacent to the Newton County Historical Museum) and purchase the various seeds for the garden. Then Dad would till the garden, Mom would get the seeds sorted and ready. Then it came to Greg and I. We would get the seeds and walk behind Dad as he tilled the garden rows, one of us would put the seeds in, while the other one would cover it up with dirt.

And we had a lot of rows to do. We would usually have potatoes, tomatoes, corn, more corn, green beans, lettuce and even some other items like squash (that squash grows and grows).

But the fun didn't stop there. When it was time, we would go back to the garden to dig up the potatoes, pick the tomatoes, get the corn off of the corn stalks, well you get the drift. I enjoyed digging the potatoes, just saying.

Greg and I would also help Mom clean the vegetables and there were times that we and my grandparents - who lived down the road from us - would even can the vegetables for later use. It was also a competition between our family and Nanny and Pop to see who had the bigger gardens.

So while taking you on memory lane, here is what I am getting at. If you have a chance either this Saturday or the next few Saturdays, take a trip to the Neosho Farmer's Market - which is open from 9 a.m. to noon - at the parking lot across the street from the Neosho-Newton County Library. Remember, there is nothing like home-grown vegetables.



Todd G. Higdon is the managing editor at the Neosho Daily News. He can be reached at thigdon@neoshodailynews.com or by calling 417-451-1520 x 20. He also writes a column for the newspaper.