After the completion of the football season last weekend in the state championship games, the Central Ozark Conference Large officially released its postseason awards on Monday.

Webb City junior running back Durand Henderson and Carl Junction junior running back Ray’Quion Weston shared offensive player of the year honors, while Carl Junction senior defensive lineman Zeke Wall took defensive player of the year.

The Neosho Wildcats, meanwhile, took one first team, one second team, and two third team selections, all picks seniors.

Defensive back Jarvis Funk earned first team honors alongside Webb City’s Alex Gaskill (an unanimous selection), Carthage’s Dillon Lancaster (an unanimous selection), and Willard’s Kenny Chambers. Three of the four were seniors, with only Gaskill a junior.

Defensive tackle Adrian Hitchcock — a first team selection last season — earned second team honors, flanked by Ozark senior Jace Gorn. Wall and Webb City’s Tylor Morehead took first team.

First-year starting quarterback Gavin Kelley made the third team at quarterback, a deep field that included Republic’s Riley Watkins, Branson’s Ryan Still, and Carthage’s Zeke Sappington alongside Kelley on the third team.

Offensive lineman Isaac Johnston earned third team, alongside Carl Junction’s Eli Middleton. The first and second teams included five offensive line selections on each team.

Under new head coach Leon Miller, the Wildcats finished 2-9 on the season and notched a district playoff win for the third season in a row, the last two coming against the Republic Tigers.

QB: Joe Kennedy, Carl Junction
RB: Ray’Quion Weston, Carl Junction (U)
RB: Durand Henderson, Webb City (U)
RB: Clay Newman, Carthage (U)
WR: Arkell Smith, Carthage (U)
WR: Aaron Ludders, Carl Junction
TE: Ethan Burson, Willard
OL: Oswaldo Garcia, Nixa
OL: Landon Bebee, Webb City
OL: Taylor Howard, Carl Junction
OL: William Prince, Carthage
OL: Cody Lanning, Ozark
K: Brayden Swearingen, Willard (U)

DE: Ethan Burson, Willard (U)
DE: Elijah Robinson, Webb City
DT: Zeke Wall, Carl Junction (U)
DT: Tylor Morehead, Webb City
ILB: Jordan Rogers, Webb City
ILB: Javis Berlin, Webb City
ILB: Joe Satterly, Ozark
OLB: Brenyn Surber, Webb City (U)
OLB: Ray’Quion Weston, Carl Junction
DB: Alex Gaskill, Webb City (U)
DB: Dillon Lancaster, Carthage (U)
DB: Kenny Chambers, Willard
DB: Jarvis Funk, Neosho
P: Grant Burkett, Webb City

QB: Cash Link, Webb City
RB: Preston Carson, Ozark
RB: Sean Sample, Nixa
RB: Kyle Hunn, Branson
WR: Kenny Chambers, Willard
WR: Cameron Flood, Republic
WR: Alex Gaskill, Webb City
TE: Drake Tweed, Webb City
OL: Grant Fowler, Webb City
OL: Duncan Stamps, Carl Junction
OL: Cody Johnson, Willard
OL: Josh Farrar, Webb City
OL: Andrew Raney, Carthage
K: Chandler Doss, Willard

DE: Taylor Howard, Carl Junction
DE: Nick Maples, Nixa
DE: Bryce Wilson, Webb City
DT: Jace Gorn, Ozark
DT: Adrian Hitchcock, Neosho
ILB: Isiac Shields, Carl Junction
ILB: Colton Winder, Carthage
OLB: Blake Andela, Ozark
OLB: Cade Beason, Webb City
OLB: Blake Schrader, Carthage
OLB: Nick Pead, Branson
DB: Tyler White, Carl Junction
DB: Stephen Belcher, Nixa
DB: Dakota Wynn, Webb City
DB: Jayden Morgan, Carthage
DB: Easton Hanks, Ozark
P: Chandler Doss, Ozark

QB: Gavin Kelley, Neosho
QB: Riley Watkins, Republic
QB: Ryan Still, Branson
QB: Zeke Sappington, Carthage
RB: Garrett Rice, Willard
RB: Ethan Sandoval, Ozark
RB: Will Larson, Webb City
TE: Alex Allen, Nixa
TE: Jacob Monroe, Webb City
OL: Eli Middleton, Carl Junction
OL: Isaac Johnston, Neosho

DE: Brady Coggin, Republic
DE: Mason Bryant, Carthage
DT: Tommy Tapia, Willard
ILB: Levi Duley, Carl Junction
ILB: Brock Herrold, Ozark
ILB: Trey Hoenle, Branson
OLB: Trent McFall, Nixa