Neosho Youth Wrestling hosted for the first time this season and here’s the results for top three finishers for Neosho, McDonald County, and Diamond from Saturday’s Battle for the Belt.

Neosho’s Gabriel Selby (14U 115-120 pounds) finished first with a 11-5 decision against Webb City’s Jacob Crandall, a pin of McDonald County’s Caden Misner in 121 seconds, and a 16-0 tech fall against teammate Eli Sneed, as well as a win by forfeit against Carl Junction’s Javon White. Sneed finished third.

Braxdon Tate (14U 100) won first with a 2-1 day, including a 4:14 pin of McDonald County’s Levi Smith and a 1:03 pin of McDonald County’s Cross Spencer.

Carter Howard (10U 90) took first with consecutive pins against Neosho’s Dayton Kivett in 49 seconds, Southwest Twisters’ Jermaine Townsend in 2:33, and Nixa’s Daycen Phillips in 1:10. Keviett took fourth.

Huck Spires (8U 80) placed first behind a 1:29 pin of Carthage’s Clayton Williams, a 6-0 decision against Neosho’s Jeremy Pope Ll, and a 47-second pin of Webb City’s Brayden Steele. Spires’ Neosho teammate finished second.

Lincoln Howard (8U 70) pinned Nixa’s Logun Johnston in 58 seconds, Ozark’s Rowan Shaver in 1:22, and Fulton’s Chase Blattner in 1:00 to earn first.

Braxton Collins (6U 35-40) earned second behind a 19-second pin of Monett’s Noah Campbell.

Braxton Bogle (6U 55) won second behind a 18-second pin of Team Mayhem’s Noah Madcap and a 8-4 decision against McDonald County’s Paxton Legrand.

Tucker Feagans (8U 55) pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Logan Parsons in 54 seconds, Renegade Wrestling’s Bradley Carpenter in 40 seconds, and McDonald County’s Christian Benhumea in 54 seconds en route to second.

Boone Johnson (8U 60) finished second with a 1:35 pin of Monett’s Wyatt Reed, a 19-2 tech fall against Team Mayhem’s Remington Harpole, and a 9-6 decision against Pittsburg’s Kruz Pickle.

Kort Lawson (8U 85-90) pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Zander Easley in 1:27 and Neosho teammate Riley Bishop in 25 seconds en route to second. Bishop placed fourth.

Cooper Lilienkamp (10U 110) finished second with a day highlighted by a 7-0 decision against Webb City’s Tuff Balcom.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 150-170) went 3-1 to place second, with a 8-1 decision against teammate Everson Tomlinson and pins of Carthage’s David Recinos and Daimond’s James Fuller in 2:54 and 3:37, respectively. Tomlinson finished third.

Bradyn Mosier (12U 80) took second with a 2-1 mark, a 2:04 pin of Glenpool Warriors’ Korey Griffin and a 8-4 decision against Terminator Wrestling’s Wesley Rogers.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 85) finished second with a 3-0 decision against teammate Hunter Butler, a 3:53 pin of Nixa’s Brenya Crahan, and a 26-second pin of Team Mayhem’s Carson Farmer. Butler finished third.

Collyn Kivett (12U 100-105) finished second with a 7-5 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Achilles Arguelles and pins of McDonald County’s Gunner Cooper and Diamond’s Brayden Clement in 37 seconds and 3:30, respectively.

Ulysses Del Leon (12U 110-115) pinned Joplin’s Landon Brockman-Herron in 1:50 and won a 8-7 decision against Ozark’s Johnny Williams to finish second.

Nicolas Olivares (12U HWT) finished second and Isaac Scaletta third in the same division. Olives pinned Scaletta in 1:09.

Nate Copeland (14U 90-95) finished second with a 4-1 decision against Adrian’s Michael McCoy, a 5-0 decision against Terminator Wrestling’s Bradyden Young, and a 1:15 pin of Reneagde Wrestling’s Braylin Brooks.

Jacob Selby (14U 125) pinned Carl Junction’s Jace Goins in 1:00, Neosho’s Noah Quillman in 1:30, and Monett’s Corbin McCully in 1:26 en route to second. Quillman placed fourth.

JarEll Boettger (14U 150-155) placed third, with a 1:02 pin of Diamond’s Brandon Calentine.

Logan Christmas (8U 115-130) finished third.

Virgil Johnson (8U 45) finished third and won three matches on the day, with a 16-4 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown’s Cashis Smith, a 9-8 decision against Renegade Wrestlin’s Luke Cupp, and 10-3 decision against Joplin’s Greyson Camp.

Grady Johnson (6U 50) finished third with a series of pins on the day — Wildcat Takedown’s Cope Buckner in 1:19, Joplin’s Tenzin Brockman-Herron in 19 seconds, Renegade Wrestling’s Ryder Porter in 43 seconds, and Carthage’s Debardre King in 1:17. Dade Rothman placed fifth.

Balesser Sailas (6U 35-40) took third with a 15-0 tech fall against Webb City’s Kage Flemings and pins of Monett’s Noah Campbell and Carthage’s Maxwell Berry in 15 seconds and 2:48, respectively. Neosho teammate Emmett Mincks finished sixth.

— Diamond’s T.J. Ellis (6U 60-65) won first with pins of Carthage’s Jaxon Story, Lebanon’s Lane Car, and Renegade Wrestling’s Slade Karrarker in 39 seconds, 17 seconds, and 63 seconds, respectively.

X-Zontae Meeker (12U 165-175) placed first with pins of Wildcat Takedown’s Connor Annecharico in 1:19 and 1:30, respectively.

Landon Clement (14U 150-155) finished second with pins of Neosho’s JarEll Boettger in 2:10 and Diamond’s Brandon Calentine in 2:46. Calentine placed fourth.

Aaden Demery (8U 50) finished third with a 1:50 pin of Monett’s Tanner Swinford, a 8-2 decision against Neosho’s Merrit Salinas, and a 2:49 pin of Team Mayhem’s Lemuel Glaubitz.

Ty Douglas (14U 165-175) finished third.

— McDonald County’s Colter Vick (12U 125-130) placed first with a 23-second pin of Carl Junction’s Jordan White and a 13-1 major decision against Southwest Twisters’ Tanner Fick.

Jayce Hitt (12U 140-150) took first behind pins of Carthage’s Jaxton Lopez in 35 seconds, Diamond’s Haden Thompson in 2:27, and Wildcat Takedown’s Christian Tidwell in 1:54.

Fischer Danny (12U 120) pinned Nixa’s Seth Coker in 53 seconds and Wildcat Takedown’s Eli Connolly in 2:50 en route to first.

Stevan Benhumea (8U 75) placed first behind four pins, Webb City’s Dylan Johnson in 1:43, Monett’s Henry Reed in 1:16, Diamond’s Kale Adams in 2:57, and Neosho’s Cobie Eichman in 1:33.

Levi Smith (14U 100) pinned teammate Cross Spencer in 2:00 and Terminator Wrestling’s Michael Simcox in 2:47 en route to second.

Paxton Legrand (6U 55) placed third with pins of Monett’s Memphis Reed and McDonald County teammate Chandler Moffett in 1:34 and 2:21, respectively. Moffett placed fourth.

Christian Benhumea (8U 55) finished third with a 1:56 pin of Diamond’s Lane Talley, a 8-2 decision against Neosho’s Jackson Weber, and a 8-0 major decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Dalton McDaniel.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 65) won four matches en route to third — pinning Diamond’s Demari Rawlings in 1:28, Joplin’s Blake Oxendine in 13 seconds, Neosho’s Adrian Moody in 1:35, and Wildcat Takedown’s Braydyn Sizemore in 57 seconds.

Ryder Martin (10U 75) won a 17-0 tech fall against Renegade Wrestling’s Matthew Bysor and then a 16-0 tech fall against Bysor in the third place match. Martin pinned teammate Sam Pacheco in 1:52 in a consolation semifinal. Pacheco finished sixth.