CARL JUNCTION — Neosho, Seneca, McDonald County, and Diamond youth wrestling teams each competed in the Carl Junction Bulldog Open on Saturday.

Neosho’s Collyn Kivett (12U 100-105 pounds) finished first with five straight wins — pinning Springdale’s Bryar Hale in 2 minutes, 14 seconds, beating Pittsburg’s Cory Julian on a 19-3 tech fall, pinning Springdale’s Andrew Tankersley in 1:49, pinning Pittsburg’s Tyler Bailey in 3:00, and winning a 20-3 tech fall against Springdale’s Callie Parrish. Kivett also placed fourth in the 14U division.

Kelton Shaffer (12U 70) won a 12-5 decision against Frontenac’s Jake Cottingham and a 11-9 decision against Seneca’s Keaton Burleson en route to first place. Shaffer also finished third in the 10U division.

Chase Kivett (10U 75) placed first with a 15-2 major decision against Springdale’s Porter Langham, a 17-1 tech fall against Bentonville’s Braxton Snow, a 2:54 pin of Nevada’s Noah Guenther, a 3:49 pin of McDonald County’s Zander Cotton, and a 24-second pin of Cherryvale’s Reyce Booe in the championship match.

Dayton Kivett (10U 90-95) finished second with a 7-2 decision against Seneca’s Landon Commons and a pair of forced forfeits against Bentonville’s Aiden Pullen and Carl Junction’s Josh Cassatt.

Fisher Butler (12U 75) placed second behind a 1:00 pin of Diamond’s Cody Neal, a 2:51 pin of Springdale’s Porter Langham, and a 2:54 pin of Webb City’s Colton Taylor. Butler lost twice to champion Gage Hathorn of Springdale.

Logan Hurn (8U 55B) pinned Carl Junction’s Carson Walkinshaw in 27 seconds to highlight a third place finish.

— Seneca’s Sawyer Cornell (10U 110-120) placed first with a 7-1 decision against Webb City’s Tuff Balcom and a pin of Diamond’s Tayrionne Meeker in 1:07.

Jacob Gravener (12U HWT) finished first with a 5-0 decision against Pittsburg’s Drake Kotzman and a pin of Columbus’ Kanyen Smith in 1:02.

Kendon Pollard (14U 115) finished first, pinning a teammate for first. Pollard also pinned Springdale’s Duncan Center in 20 seconds, Springdale’s Oliver Chapracki, Nevada’s Chance Dighero in 21 seconds, and Nevada’s Asa Wilson in 14 seconds.

Jace Renfro (10U 130-150) pinned Springdale’s Matthew Graham in 40 seconds, Pittsburg’s Quentin Franklin in 33 seconds, and Cherryvale’s Cooper Smith in 41 seconds. Continuing the theme, Carl Junction’s Tony Stewart pinned Renfro in 40 seconds. Renfro finished second.

Keaton Burleson (12U 70) finished second with a 7-6 decision against Frontenac’s Jake Cottingham and a win by forfeit against Bentonville’s Benjamin Smith.

Lincoln Renfro (14U 115) rode one pin, two tech falls, and one major decision to second place. Renfro pinned Nevada’s Dighero in 1:00, won a 15-0 tech fall against Springdale’s Center and a 15-0 tech fall against Nevada’s Wilson, and won a 10-2 major decision against Springdale’s Chapracki.

Gabriel Commons (14U 135-140) won three matches by pin en route to second. Commons pinned Webb City’s Lucas Ott in 2:09, Team Mayhem’s Braxton Smotherman in 2:17, and Pittsburg’s Dexter Carlton in 1:21.

Dane Napier (14U 145-150) took second with three wins by pin, taking down Team Mayhem’s Skylar Denton in 1:57, Nevada’s Gauge Boyd in 2:10, and Diamond’s Brandon Calentine in 1:16.

Tristan Sampson (8U 40-45) finished third.

Caden Ferron (8U 115-130) finished third and pinned Pittsburg’s Drew Kotzman in 1:53.

Landon Commons (10U 90-95) placed third with wins by forfeit against Carl Junction’s Josh Cassatt and Bentonville’s Aiden Pullen.

Nolan Napier (12U 120) finished third.

— McDonald County’s Levi Smith (14U 100) placed first with a 17-0 tech fall against Neosho’s Collyn Kivett and then pins against Springdale’s Trinton Evans and Pittsburg’s Seth Gann in 2:39 and 3:29, respectively.

Christian Benhumea (8U 55A) won a 3-2 decision against Springdale’s Maddox Baker and a 5-0 decision against Bentonville’s Michael Robertson, won by forfeit against Frontenac’s Dalton McDaniel, pinned Carl Junction’s Caden Dhar in 38 seconds, and won a 16-0 tech fall against Pittsburg’s Brayden Wilson en route to first.

Colter Vick (12U 120) finished second behind a pin of Seneca’s Nolan Napier in 2:20.

Stevan Benhumea (10U 70) won a 6-0 decision against Springdale’s Adam Russell, pinned Forst Scott’s Brodie Stoughton in 28 seconds, and won a 7-4 decision against Neosho’s Kelton Shaffer, but took second because of two losses to Bentonville’s Dane Renick.

Benhumea (8U 70-75) placed first, however, in the younger division, pinning Monett’s Henry Reed in 1:22 and Renegade Wrestling’s Blayne Fleming in 1:52. Benhumea won by medical forfeit against Monett’s Karsen Madrid in the other match.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 65) placed second behind three pins and one major decision, pinning Monett’s Fernando Salas in 1:00, Rogers’ Aden Sneary in 1:52, and Carl Junction’s Damien Meister in 10 seconds, and won a 12-3 major decision against Team Mayhem’s Levi Rose.

Paxton Legrand (6U 55A) finished second with a 6-0 sudden victory against Columbus’ Paxton Schalk, a 4-0 decision against Monett’s Carson Bryan, a win by forfeit against Springdale’s Brantley Tyree, and a pin of Carl Junction’s Ayven Allison in 1:38.

— Diamond’s Tyler John Ellis (6U 60-65) won first, pinning Monett’s Reid Sayers in 40 seconds, winning a 9-3 decision against Monett’s Kaven Kellner, and pinning Webb City’s Jett Stotts in 41 seconds.

Nathan Gray (12U 130) pinned Carl Junction’s Jordan White and Pittsburg’s Weston Bruning in 55 seconds and 1:15, respectively, to earn first.

Zontae Meeker (12U 150-165) won a 9-1 major decision and a 14-1 major decision against Springdale’s Matthew Graham to win first.

Kale Adams (8U 75-80) won a 7-5 sudden victory against Bentonville’s Tristan Murray and pinned Monett’s Benjamin Tate in 53 seconds en route to second.

James Fuller (10U 170-185) took second.

Ty Douglas (14U 165-175) pinned Team Mayhem’s Liam Taylor in 1:16 and Bentonville’s Cameron Beere in 4:02 and won a 6-2 decision against Carl Junction’s Ethan Berry to earn second.

Tayrionne Meeker (10U 110-120) finished third.