CARTHAGE — Neosho, Seneca, McDonald County, and Diamond competed Saturday in the Carthage Youth Wrestling Tournament.

Neosho’s Braxton Collins (6U 35-40 pounds) won first, pinning Carthage’s Maxwell Berry in 32 seconds and earning a 18-2 tech fall against Renegade Wrestling’s Gunnar Fisher.

Tucker Feagans (8U 55A) earned first with a trio of wins by pin, against Iron Deuces’ Carson Huffman, Nevada’s Payton Bond, and McDonald County’s Christian Benhumea. Feagans then won first at the 10U 55 level with three wins, pinning Rogers’ Joshua Gruyere in 1:09 and Nevada’s Averi Dawn in 2:36 and earning a 3-2 decision against Joplin’s Lucas Allen.

Boone Johnson (8U 60B) placed first with two decisions and two pins, winning 6-5 against both Rogers’ Aden Sneary and Webb City’s Ayden Byrd and pinning Wildcat Takedown’s Skylar Annecharico in 4:00 and Monett’s Wyatt Reed in 21 seconds.

Kaleb Gobersen (8U 70A) won first behind a pin of Seneca’s Dawson Manley in 1:40, a 9-0 major decision against Monett’s Karsen Madrid, and a pin of Butler’s Bronx Purdy in 34 seconds.

Chase Kivett (10U 75) placed first with four wins, a 7-0 decision against Nevada’s Kason Clark, a 1:57 pin of Carthage’s Mason Pugh, a 33-second pin of McDonald County’s Jette Akins, and a 7-2 sudden victory against Renegade Wrestling’s Matthew Bysor.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 150-175) and Everson Tomlinson (10U 150-175) placed first and second, with Busteed pinning Tomlinson 4:05 in a fifth round match.

Busteed also pinned Diamond’s James Fuller in 1 second, Adrian’s Wyatt Jordan in 3:58, and Carthage’s David Recinos in 2:37.

Tomlinson pinned Jordan in 1:25, won by forfeit against Fuller, and won a 3-1 decision against Recinos.

Nate Copeland (14U 90-95) pinned Iron Deuces’ Jackson Doornbos in 1:22, won a 7-1 decision against Adrian’s Michael McCoy, and pinned Webb City’s Steven Brown in 1:27 to earn first.

Eli Sneed (14U 120) won first behind a pair of pins and one decision, taking down Carthage’s Brett Rockers in 3:44 and Monett’s Shaun Finnigan in 2:19, and earning a 3-2 decision against Russellville’s Brexton Beach.

Dade Rothman (6U 50A) finished second, pinning Seneca’s Wyatte Lannon in 2:22 and Carthage’s Brody Brown in 58 seconds.

Grady Johnson pinned Carl Junction’s Blaken Pace-England in 1:24 and lost a 11-6 decision to Seneca’s Jace Bard en route to second.

Sort Lawson (8U 80-85) won a 7-4 decision against Seneca’s Klay Davidson and a 6-0 decision against Carthage’s Clay Williams en route to second.

Jaxon Ertel (8U 90-95) pinned Webb City’s Louden Bollinger in 52 seconds and Neosho teammate Riley Bishop in 1:40 to earn second.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 90) finished second with a pin of Holden’s Charlie Gregg in 2:54 and a 4-0 decision against Rogers’ Cash Bray.

Collyn Kivett (14U 100) won a 18-3 tech fall against McDonald County’s Cross Spencer and placed second.

Liam Sanny (6U 55) earned third behind a pair of wins, pinning Monett’s Memphis Reed in 35 seconds and Team Mayhem’s Noah Madcap in 16 seconds.

Virgil Johnson (8U 40-45) placed third with a 2:00 pin of Joplin’s Greyson Camp and a 6-0 decision against Team Mayhem’s Braxton Thompson.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 70) won a 15-4 major decision against Joplin’s Jacob Porter, a 7-1 decision against Seneca’s Hunter Connell, and a 7-5 decision against Rogers’ Jacob McCrary on the way to third.

Dayton Kivett (10U 95-100) finished third.

Willie Velasco (12U 140-145) won a 11-9 sudden victory against Nevada’s Henry Campbell and placed third.

— Seneca’s Jace Bard (6U 50B) placed first, with a 11-6 decision against Neosho’s Grady Johnson and pins of Neosho’s Coleman Charlton in 21 seconds and Seneca’s Layn Frye in 34 seconds.

Brant Laughlin (10U 65) pinned Adrian’s Carter Dumas in 1:24, McDonald County’s Landon Vick in 56 seconds, and Adrian’s Dallys Shaffer in 2:18, and won a 10-1 major decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Nevin Hayes to earn first.

Jacob Gravener (12U 205) pinned Carthage’s Dylan Phillips in 1:46 and 14 seconds to earn first.

Kenton Pollard (14U 110-115) won a 4-0 decision against Webb City’s Jacob Crandall, pinned Carthage’s Cody Reeves in 1:04 in the semis, and then pinned Carthage’s Davion King in 3:55 in the finals.

Keith Pendergraft (6U 75-80) finished second.

Jaxen Rhoades (8U 60A) finished second with a 5-4 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Keegan Snodgrass and a 10-6 decision against Fayetteville’s Camden Johnston.

Dawson Manley (8U 70A) won a 8-0 major decision against Butler’s Bronx Purdy and a 7-3 decision against Monett’s Karsen Madrid to earn second.

Caden Ferron (8U 100-110) placed second and won a 4-2 decision against Team Mayhem’s Christian Midcap.

Eli Manley (10U 95-100) earned second and pinned Neosho’s Dayton Kivett in 43 seconds.

Keaton Burleson (12U 70) won second and pinned Carthage’s Emerson Ixcol in 22 seconds and Adrian’s Cayden Patterson in 2:41.

Shane Douthit (12U 110-115) placed second and pinned Nevada’s Eli Mosher in 1:10.

Wyatte Lannon (6U 50A) placed third, with pins against Joplin’s Oliver Staples in 11 seconds, Monett’s Rafe Owens in 8 seconds, and Nevada’s Liam Walbourn in 23 seconds.

Carson Curtis (8U 65B) finished third and pinned Rogers’ Brody Miller in 34 seconds, Wildcat Takedown’s Spencer Drollinger in 32 seconds, and Wildcat Takedown’s Braydyn Sizemore in 1:53.

Klay Davidson (8U 80-85) earned third and won a 15-0 tech fall against Monett’s Benjamin Tate, pinned Carthage’s Carson Barley in 29 seconds, and won a 11-9 sudden victory against Webb City’s Carson Fitch.

Sawyer Cornell (10U 110) earned third and pinned Monett’s Cesar Gonzalez in 2:04, won a 15-5 major decision against Webb City’s Tuff Balcom, and pinned Neosho’s Cooper Lilienkamp in 2:28.

Andrew Manley (12U 90) placed third and won a 13-3 major decision against McDonald County’s A.J. Mead and a 19-3 tech fall against Holden’s Charlie Gregg.

Morgan Vaughn (12U 105) earned third and pinned Carl Junction’s Levi Jewsbury in 41 seconds.

David Cooper (14U 130) finished third and won a 14-6 major against Nevada’s Lotus Van Dyk.

—McDonald County’s Paxton Legrand (6U 55) won first with a pair of pins and a major decision, pinning Team Mayhem’s Noah Midcap in 15 seconds and Neosho’s Liam Sanny in 1:50, and winning a 11-1 major decision against Nevada’s Kellen Edwards.

Carson Misner (8U 50) pinned Diamond’s Lane Talley and Carthage’s Bryson Spry in 3:00 and 13 seconds, respectively, and won a 8-0 major decision against Diamond’s Aaden Demery to earn first.

Stevan Benhumea (8U 75) won a 13-3 major against Carl Junction’s Hudson Caves, pinned Monett’s Henry Reed in 1:59, and won a 16-4 major against Nevada’s Daeten Raney to place first.

Christian Benhumea (8U 55A) took second and pinned Webb City’s Liam Key in 59 seconds and won a 16-0 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown’s Logan Parsons.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 65A) pinned a pair of opponents and finished second, taking down Nevada’s Makenna Lee in 23 seconds and Rogers’ Cole Myers in 40.

Colter Vick (12U 120-125) pinned Webb City’s Brady Belcher in 27 seconds and McDonald County teammate Fischer Sanny in 2:48, and finished second. Sanny finished third and pinned Belcher in 21 seconds.

Jayce Hitt (12U 150) placed second and pinned Three Style’s Sean Mahoney in 4:26 and Carthage’s Jaxton Lopez in 12 seconds.

Jette Akins (10U 75) pinned Carthage’s Mason Pugh in 16 seconds and won a 9-1 major against Nevada’s Kason Clark, and placed third.

Cross Spencer (14U 100) finished third.

— Diamond’s Nathan Gray (12U 125-130) placed first and pinned Carthage’s Calder LaDue in 46 seconds and 1:50, respectively.

Tyler John Ellis (6U 60) finished second and pinned Monett’s Dylan Burns in 27 seconds.

Aaden Demery (8U 50) finished second and pinned Webb City’s Kamden Newberry in 50 seconds and won a 11-0 major decision against Neosho’s Kasen Bridges.

Dymond King (8U 70B) finished second and pinned Monett’s Cole Musatti in 1:24, won a 12-2 major against Rogers’ Kyle Belt, and pinned Carthage’s Dylan Darland in 1:10.

Kendal King (12U 105) pinned Carl Junction’s Levi Jewsbury in 2:31 and Seneca’s Morgan Vaughn in 53 seconds en route to second.

X-Zontae Meeker (12U 165-175) finished second and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Connor Annecharico in 32 seconds.

Ty Douglas (14U 165) took second and won a 12-1 major against Team Mayhem’s Liam Taylor.

Chase Talley (6U 45B) finished third and won a 8-3 decision against Monett’s Keiran Dye and pinned Monett’s Boone Reed in 2:43 and Carthage’s Michael Macy in 2:40.

Landon Clement (14U 150-155) placed third.