Neosho Youth Wrestling hosted the State Series Warm-Up on Saturday, bringing in Seneca, McDonald County, and Diamond along with a host of other teams from the region.

Neosho’s Tucker Feagans (8U 55 pounds) placed first with four wins — he pinned Bentonville’s Joshua Litchfield in 1 minute, 13 seconds and Team Mayhem’s Lemuel Glaubitz in 9 seconds, and won a 6-4 decision against Team Tulsa’s Corbin Wooley and a 7-2 decision against Springdale’s Alden Rockacy.

Huck Spires (8U 80) placed first after wins over Diamond’s Kale Adams and Carthage’s Eric Anderson, pinning Adams in 37 seconds and taking a 10-7 decision from Anderson.

Neosho had four wrestlers in the 8U 85-90 division — Kort Lawson, Jaxon Ertel, Melanie Butler, and Jeremy Pope Ll. Lawson finished first, Ertel second, Butler fourth, and Pope Ll fifth.

Cooper Lilienkamp (10U 100-110) won first and pinned Renegade Wrestling’s Tucker Anderson in 36 seconds, Wildcat Takedown’s Ryan Knight in 1:59, and Webb City’s Tuff Balcom in 4:29, and won a 6-0 decision against Southwest Twisters’ Porter Talbot.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 150) placed first by pinning Terminator Wrestling’s Jace Mashburn in 1:52 and winning a 9-2 decision against Republic’s Matthew Lightfoot.

Collyn Kivett (12U 105) placed first with a 10-3 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Akhilleus Arguelles and a 16-5 major decision against Diamond’s Kendal King.

Braxdon Tate (14U 95-100) finished first and pinned Nevada’s Ethan Dighero in 1:30, pinned a teammate in 2:18, and won a 11-0 major against Terminator Wrestling’s Dylan Billingsley.

Gabriel Selby (14U 120) and Eli Sneed (14U 120) finished 1-2 and combined for seven wins. Selby pinned Webb City’s Houston Collard in 29 seconds, Reeds Spring’s Easton Byrne in 2:09, Nevada’s Chance Dighero in 1:23, and Sneed in 4:49, while Sneed brought down Dighero in 35 seconds, Byrne in 2:42, and Collard in 1:29.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 70) finished second and won a 9-5 decision against Joplin’s Kadyn Allerton and a 6-3 decision against Southwest Twisters’ Hayden Fick.

Chase Kivett (10U 75) finished second and pinned Ozark’s Teagon Patterson in 2:32, Bentonville’s Braxton Snow in 2:28, and Rogue Wrestling’s Michael Fowler in 2:21.

Carter Howard (10U 90-95) placed second and pinned Southwest Twisters’ Jermaine Townsend in 4:02 and won a 16-1 tech fall against Reeds Spring’s Tyler McCracken.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 90) took second and pinned Team Mayhem’s Carson Farmer in 43 seconds and Renegade Wrestling’s Bentley Gilbert in 4:09.

Nicolas Oliveras (12U 205-235) finished second and pinned Terminator Wrestling’s Tate Mashburn in 4:08.

Jacob Selby (14U 125-130) placed second and pinned Renegade Wrestling’s Corbin Foglesong in 1:26 and won a 18-3 tech fall against Carthage’s Gabe Lambeth.

Virgil Johnson (8U 40-45) finished third and won a 4-0 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Luke Cupp and pinned Joplin’s Kyler Allerton in 2:26.

Lincoln Howard (8U 70) won third and pinned Webb City’s Kaidence Bush in 1:30, won a 14-0 major against Webb City’s Wyait Polen, and won a 6-1 decision against teammate Kaleb Godbersen. Godbersen placed fourth.

Zackary Willet (10U 50-55) finished third and pinned Nevada’s Averi Dawn in 1:05.

Jack Lankford (12U 85) placed third and pinned Rogersville’s Trevor Cole in 3:15 and Nixa’s Brenya Crahan in 1:37, and won a 8-4 decision against Rogersville’s Jacob Foster.

Nate Copeland (14U 95-100) finished third and won by forfeit against Reeds Spring’s Gabe Sipe and pinned Nevada’s Ethan Dighero in 31 seconds.

Hayden Crane (14U 115) finished third and won a 7-1 decision against Ozark’s Brock Dodd.

— Seneca’s Brant Laughlin (10U 65) finished first and won a 7-0 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Nevin Hayes and a 8-6 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Carter Foglesong, and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Samuel Miller in 27 seconds and Ozark’s Joratio Soto in 3:00.

Keaton Burleson (12U 70) won first and won a 15-0 tech fall against Carthage’s Joshua Griffith and a 7-4 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Kynndrick Brooks, then pinned Odessa’s Levi Wilhelm in 2:27.

Jacob Gravener (12U 205-235) finished first and won a 2-0 decision against Terminator Wrestling’s Tate Mashburn and a 1-0 decision against Neosho’s Nicolas Olivares.

Kendon Pollard (14U 110) placed first and pinned Renegade Wrestling’s Dantley Gilbert in 1:58, Rogersville’s Kristian Farran in 32 seconds, and Odessa’s Shon Badder in 2:52.

Dane Napier (14U 145-150) placed first and pinned Team Mayhem’s Skyler Denton in 30 seconds and Reeds Spring’s Eben Crain in 4:14, and won a 8-0 major against Odessa’s Jakson Wimberly.

Nolan Napier (12U 115) finished third.

— McDonald County’s Christian Benhumea (8U 60) placed first and won a 6-3 decision against Monett’s Gavin Burdett and a 4-2 sudden victory against Wildcat Takedown’s Eli Roark.

Stevan Benhumea (8U 70) took first and pinned Webb City’s Wyait Polen in 54 seconds, Neosho’s Kaleb Godbersen in 2:55, and The Factory’s Gabriel Roberts in 49 seconds.

Samuel Murphy (12U 175) placed first and pinned Diamond’s X-Zontae Meeker in 3:57 and 4:12.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 65) took second and won a 11-4 decision against Team Mayhem’s Remington Harpole and a 4-0 against Wildcat Takedown’s Keegan Snodgrass, and pinned Renegade Wrestling’s Dylan Porter in 45 seconds.

Levi Smith (14U 105) finished third and pinned Ozark’s Brock Sundlie in 2:07 and Seneca’s Landyn Midcap in 55 seconds, and won a 10-0 major against Neosho’s Cade Daniel.

— Diamond’s Landon Clement (14U 150-155) pinned Ozark’s Braegan Patman in 3:48, won a 4-0 decision against Southwest Twisters’ Colman Ebisch, and pinned Neosho’s JarEll Better in 2:53 en route to first.

Brayden Clement (12U 100) finished second and pinned Ozark’s Daniel Laney in 25 seconds, won a 19-7 major against Wildcat Takedown’s Colton Blankenship, and pinned Carthage’s Esvin Gonzalez in 3:52.

X-Zontae Meeker (12U 175) finished second.

Ty Douglas (14U 165-175) finished second and pinned Team Mayhem’s Liam Taylor in 3:58 and Wildcat Takedown’s Keller Snodgrass in 31 seconds, and won a 4-2 decision against Ozark’s Sean Collins.

Kale Adams (8U 80) finished third, as did Kendal King (12U 105) and Matthew Watson (14U 190).