Fresh off their first dual victory of the season, the Neosho Lady Wildcats took a 9-0 defeat Thursday evening at the racquets of College Heights.

In singles, No. 1 Emily Mitchell lost 8-2 to Taylor Dunham, No. 2 Sarah Werner lost 8-6 to Tessa Greathouse, No. 3 Julie Phillips lost 8-2 to Anne Secker, No. 4 Michelle Lindsay lost 8-6 to Makenna Lewis, No. 5 Morgan Brattin lost 8-2 to Grace Sanderson, and No. 6 Rylee Marion lost 8-2 to Jaira Glaser.

In doubles, No. 1 Mitchell-Lindsay lost 8-1 to Greathouse-Secker, No. 2 Werner-Phillips lost 8-2 to Dunham-Glaser, and No. 3 Brattin-Marion lost 8-2 to Lewis-Sanderson.

Neosho lost all four JV matches, three doubles and one singles.

The Lady Wildcats, 1-11 overall and 0-8 Central Ozark Conference, return to action Monday against Lamar and Tuesday against Joplin, the final regular season duals.