The first-ever Big 8 Conference West Division football postseason honors have been released on the eve of the district playoffs and it's no surprise that unbeaten Cassville and one-loss Lamar dominated the selections.

Cassville quarterback Shannon Haney took offensive player of the year honors, while Lamar standout Travis Bailey earned defensive player of the year and Cassville head coach Lance Parnell won top coach for guiding the Wildcats to a perfect 9-0 regular season and perfect run through six Big 8 West games.

Seneca, McDonald County, and East Newton combined to nab its fair share of all-Big 8 West selections.

Wide receiver Preston Armstrong, linebacker Harris Griffith, and punter Lance Stephens earned first team honors for Seneca, while running back Trey Wilson, all-purpose back Monty Mailes, tight end Daythen Long, offensive tackle Eli Dodson, and defensive back Miguel Bonilla each made second team and quarterback Gavin Clouse, offensive guard Jakob Sampson, defensive end Caleb Miller, linebacker Alex Cook, and kick returner Mailes each picked up honorable mention.

Running back Oakley Roessler and offensive guard Elliott Wolfe led McDonald County on the first team, and that makes perfect sense considering the success McDonald County's ground attack experienced during the season. Wide receivers Boston Dowd and Reese Cooper, linebacker Joe Brown, and defensive back Michael Williams earned second team and offensive tackle Will Gordon and defensive tackle Wolfe received honorable mention.

East Newton grabbed three honorable mentions: linebacker Sam Stewart, defensive back Touhkeng Xiong, and punter Jackson Schriever.

Final Big 8 West records: Cassville 6-0, Lamar 5-1, Seneca 4-2, Monett 3-3, McDonald County 2-4, Nevada 1-5, East Newton 0-6.

District play starts Friday in Missouri.





QB: Shannon Haney, Cassville

RB: Trevor Medlin, Lamar

RB: Anthony Tolbert, Cassville

RB: Oakley Roessler, McDonald County

APB: Landon Hardman, Lamar

WR: J.D. Bishop, Lamar

WR: D.J. White, Cassville

WR: Preston Armstrong, Seneca

TE: Austin Sanders, Cassville

OT: Caleb Gouge, Lamar

OT: Zack Burton, Cassville

C: Blake Felts, Lamar

OG: C.J. Maldonado, Lamar

OG: Elliott Wolfe, McDonald County

K: Drake Reese, Cassville



DE: Morgan Davis, Lamar

DE: Zack Burton, Cassville

DT: Juan Juarez, Lamar

DT: Tye Ellis, Cassville

LB: Travis Bailey, Lamar

LB: Anthony Tolbert, Cassville

LB: William Murphy, Monett

LB: Harris Griffith, Seneca

DB: Chase Davey, Lamar

DB: Dylan Hill, Lamar

DB: Ethan Hoppes, Cassville

DB: Bowen Preddy, Cassville

P: Lance Stephens, Seneca

KR: Landon Hardman, Lamar




QB: Duncan Gepner, Lamar

RB: Bowen Preddy, Cassville

RB: William Murphy, Monett

RB: Trey Wilson, Seneca

APB: Monty Mailes, Seneca

WR: Boston Dowd, McDonald County

WR: Reece Cooper, McDonald County

WR: Trey Beachler, Nevada

TE: Daythen Long, Seneca

OT: Mason Hendrix, Cassville

OT: Eli Dodson, Seneca

C: Troy Hagins, Cassville

OG: Jacob Beaulieu, Cassville

OG: Chet Butterworth, Monett

K: Aleks Salas, Monett



DE: Carter Young, Lamar

DE: Evan Kessinger, Cassville

DT: Carlos Paiz, Lamar

DT: Jesus Perez, Cassville

DT: Ray Villalta, Monett

LB: Michael Henderson, Lamar

LB: Logan Carlin, Cassville

LB: Cole Davis, Monett

LB: Joe Brown, McDonald County

DB: Isaac Collins, Lamar

DB: Dale Slater, Monett

DB: Miguel Bonilla, Seneca

DB: Michael Williams, McDonald County

P: William Murphy, Monett

KR: Ethan Hoppes, Cassville




QB: Gavin Clouse, Seneca

RB: Cage Jordan, Lamar

RB: Jaren Powrie, Nevada

APB: Jamie Guinn, Monett

WR: Wyatt Hull, Lamar

WR: Ethan Umfleet, Monett

WR: Blake Gordon, Cassville

TE: B.J. Gammon, Lamar

OT: Caleb Longobardi, Nevada

OT: Will Gordon, McDonald County

C: Peyton Denney, Nevada

OG: Wilson Miller, Lamar

OG: Jakob Sampson, Seneca

K: Alvaro Martin Sanchez, Lamar



DE: Caleb Longobardi, Nevada

DE: Caleb Miller, Seneca

DT: Tristan Mitchem, Nevada

DT: Elliott Wolfe, McDonald County

LB: Ethan Couch, Nevada

LB: Jose Melchor, Cassville

LB: Alex Cook, Seneca

LB: Sam Stewart, East Newton

DB: Tanner Gotschall, Nevada

DB: Jaren Powrie, Nevada

DB: Deven Bates, Cassville

DB: Touhkeng Xiong, East Newton

P: Jackson Schriever, East Newton

KR: Monty Mailes, Seneca


Offensive Player of the Year: Shannon Haney, Cassville

Defensive Player of the Year: Travis Bailey, Lamar

Coach of the Year: Lance Parnell, Cassville