The inaugural postseason honors for the revamped Southwest Conference — mostly old schools from the Spring River Valley Conference — have been released and top schools Pierce City and Miller dominated the awards with Pierce City sweeping the top honors of coach, offensive player, and defensive player of the year.

The Diamond Wildcats received several second team and honorable mention selections: offensive and defensive lineman Owen Gray and wide receiver Colby Housh (second team); running back Cameron Addington, linebacker Joey Hobbs, defensive back Housh, and defensive back Kolbe Jones (honorable mention).

The Wildcats finished 3-7 overall and 2-5 Southwest Conference.

In the regular season, Housh caught 33 passes for 315 yards and two scores and carried the football 30 times for 145 yards and one touchdown, and his contributions also included kickoff returns and two interceptions on defense. Housh caught 10 passes for 75 yards against Ash Grove, eight passes for 72 yards and one TD against Miller, and seven passes for 118 yards and one TD against Liberal, in games that were two of Diamond’s three wins (Ash Grove, Liberal).

Addington rushed for 145 yards and two touchdowns on 34 carries over four games.

Pierce City head coach Brad Hocker, quarterback Colten O’Hara, and linebacker Trenton Kluck earned the conference’s top honors for the unbeaten Eagles, who are 10-0 overall entering their district semifinal game against Thayer.

Pierce City, Miller, Lockwood, and Sarcoxie are the schools remaining alive in district competition.





OL: Seth Fisher, Pierce City

OL: Garrett Rolette, Miller

OL: Kaden Raley, Pierce City

OL: Landon Malotte, Sarcoxie

OL: Nate Baldwin, Sarcoxie

OL: Tyler Franzen, Miller

TE: Trenton Kluck, Pierce City

WR: Jackson Kleiboeker, Pierce City

WR: Joel Kleeman, Miller

RB: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City

RB: Nick Johnson, Miller

RB: Paxton Masterson, Lockwood

QB: Colten O'Hara, Pierce City

K: Nick Johnson, Miller

RS: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City



DL: Kaden Raley, Pierce City

DL: Spencer Neal, Lockwood

DL: Nate Baldwin, Sarcoxie

DL: Devin Demster, Miller

LB: Trenton Kluck, Pierce City

LB: Evan Dotson, Marionville

LB: Lane Dunlap, Lockwood

LB: Kaul Kleeman, Miller

DB: Jackson Kleiboeker, Pierce City

DB: Paxton Masterson, Lockwood

DB: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City

DB: Nick Johnson, Miller

P: Draven Zeigler, Ash Grove


Coach of the Year: Brad Hocker, Pierce City

Offensive Player of the Year: Colten O'Hara, Pierce City

Defensive Player of the Year: Trenton Kluck, Pierce City




OL: Spencer Neal, Lockwood

OL: Evan Bates, Lockwood

OL: Isaac Morgan, Marionville

OL: Owen Gray, Diamond

OL: Wil Ghan, Marionville

TE: Draven Zeigler, Ash Grove

WR: Colby Housh, Diamond

WR: Chase White, Marionville

RB: Kaul Kleeman, Miller

RB: Christian Garrison, Sarcoxie

RB: Jeremy Vickers, Marionville

QB: Presten Richardson, Miller

K: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City

RS: Nick Johnson, Miller



DL: Isaac Morgan, Marionville

DL: Seth Fisher, Pierce City

DL: Evan Bates, Lockwood

DL: Owen Gray, Diamond

LB: Kendrick Bass, Sarcoxie

LB: Neilson Hadlock, Miller

LB: Dominick Smith, Pierce City

LB: Dylan McCroskey, Ash Grove

DB: Jeremy Vickers, Marionville

DB: Colten O'Hara, Pierce City

DB: Cristian Velasquez, Sarcoxie

DB: Jeffrey Lung, Miller

P: Nick Johnson, Miller




OL: Gage Weist, Sarcoxie

OL: Hunter Wheeler, Ash Grove

OL: Matt Hall, Pierce City

OL: Brendan Rhinehart, Miller

OL: Clay Allen, Miller

OL: Jake Skidmore, Pleasant Hope

OL: Zach Newberry, Marionville

OL: Wyatt Stubblefield, Ash Grove

OL: Hunter Acheson, Sarcoxie

TE: Devin Demster, Miller

WR: Blaine Garver, Lockwood

WR: Teagan Keck, Pleasant Hope

WR: Kyle Renkoski, Pierce City

RB: Chanse Ford, Pierce City

RB: Stephen Guccione, Sarcoxie

RB: Lane Dunlap, Lockwood

RB: Cameron Addington, Diamond

QB: Haydon Kisling, Sarcoxie

QB: Alex Garcia, Marionville

RS: Stephen Guccione, Sarcoxie



DL: Tyler Franzen, Miller

DL: Landon Malotte, Sarcoxie

DL: James Tucker, Marionville

DL: Wyatt Perry, Pierce City

DL: Ryan Sheets, Lockwood

DL: Ty Bick, Marionville

DL: Gabe George, Pierce City

LB: Blaine Garver, Lockwood

LB: Chanse Ford, Pierce City

LB: Chase White, Marionville

LB: Joey Hobbs, Diamond

LB: Damien Jordan, Lockwood

LB; Peyton Reynolds, Miller

LB: Drake Acheson, Sarcoxie

LB: Jake Thompson, Ash Grove

DB: Colby Housh, Diamond

DB: Joel Kleeman, Miller

DB: Christian Garrison, Sarcoxie

DB: Gaege Queen, Lockwood

DB: Kolbe Jones, Diamond

DB: Jeremy Rotramel, Pleasant Hope

P: Kendrick Bass, Sarcoxie