The Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens are getting twins for their women's soccer and nursing programs, Neosho seniors Kennedy and Taylor Lamp.

Kennedy and Taylor each played key roles as defenders on Neosho's first-ever girls soccer district championship winner two seasons ago.

At Coffeyville, they will have the opportunity to play one season alongside former Neosho High teammate Ashley Talley.

"I'd say it's nerve-wracking," Kennedy said on Wednesday, "but also very exciting. I actually wasn't going to go into this route. I was thinking about sticking with my academic career rather than going to go play soccer, but after I shouted and looked at the college, I know I want to continue because I know it's going to be hard without it.

"Meeting Coach (Jerrid) Schicke. He's a great coach and he told me that he'll be there for me for my athletic and academic career. That helped me, because I am doing nursing."

"I couldn't agree more," Taylor said. "It is a little nerve-wracking, but I'm super excited to start as a Raven at Coffeyville. The coach is great. Coach Schicke has opened our hearts up and he's been around, he's watched us play, and he's known us for about four years now. He made us feel like it's going to be part of a family there, and everybody I know who's gone there so far loves it and I want to be a part of it."

Both twins agree that it will be more fun having each other, as well as Talley, on the same team.

"I'm glad that I'm going to the same college as her," Taylor said, "because we play very well together and I can't wait to go to Coffeyville and start playing with Ashley Talley again. She's one of our best friends."

"We're just ready to be a Red Raven," Kennedy said.

The Red Ravens are coming off a 10-7 overall and 6-6 Jayhawk Conference season. Talley had four goals and two assists during her freshman season.

Joe Talley, Ashley's father who also coached Kennedy and Taylor several years, spoke about the twins Wednesday.

"Kennedy and Taylor have been key parts of our core group who helped give us success that we had at the club level and in high school," Joe Talley said. "Their dedication and their hard work has always been giving 110 percent at practice and games, and that has given them this opportunity to play at the next level. It has been a true honor to coach these girls and watch them grow as players."